Posted 9 декабря 2021,, 15:44

Published 9 декабря 2021,, 15:44

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Andrey Karaulov - about Glazov: "A terrible sign of the government, which does not know the mood of the people"

9 декабря 2021, 15:44
Andrey Karaulov posted on his YouTube channel a video commentary on the tragedy that occurred on December 7 in the Moscow MPSC Ryazansky. Former soldier Sergey Glazov started shooting, as a result of which two people were killed, four more were injured, including a ten-year-old girl.

“Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Glazov, secretary, he admits his guilt, he did not have a permit to carry weapons.

At a meeting with members of the Public Monitoring Commission, he confirmed his guilt.

According to Glazov, he was dismissed from the foreign intelligence service in the ninth year with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Well, and most importantly, to close all the questions, because today they are already saying: “it's not about the mask”, Glazov confirmed the information that he started shooting because of his refusal to put on the mask.

This is a terrible sign to everyone there, above, who absolutely does not understand the mood of people, most people, the mood of society.

...A terrible crime, it cannot be justified. No way.

But you need to understand the motives.

And the motive is very simple: the nerves are brought to an extreme state. And not only this person.

This is again a signal to the powers that be.

Something is wrong with you guys, with people, with society. With normal people!

The meanness, it seems to me, lies in the fact that today, after the Investigative Committee published the video of the interrogation of the shooter from the MFC, searches were carried out at the place of residence, there are already other versions that the shooter had a conflict with the local state budgetary institution "Zhilischnik" , he transferred money to his account, 75,000, in the end he had 6,000 left... And what does “Zhilischnik” have to do with it ?! And then 75,000, and then a large amount in the currency that he had?

The man honestly said: I was driven. At the word "mask" I did not control myself.

Why did he have the weapon with him? He did not come to kill, but it so happened that he had with him, perhaps, indeed, because the currency was ...

They brought the man.

Stop lying already! And here is "Zhilischnik"! parallel versions already begin right away - no, it's not the mask, no, we are doing well, our ideology is normal, the dialogue with society is as smooth as it gets!

Aha, it is adjusted!

Today there is one more piece of news: a bus with children in Ingushetia has been fired upon. Several criminals attacked a bus with schoolchildren.

Armed people fired at a car and beat the driver in the village of Ekyashevo. The children were not hurt, thank God. The police are trying to arrest all the criminals.

It's not just that everything is tense in society.

Hot because the gap. It is not the connection of times that has disintegrated, it is the gap between those who really have everything, and others who have everything else - and the others are the peoples of the Russian Federation.

No dialogue, no attempt to understand the same Sergei (Glazov - "NI" note).

He is arrested. After all, as it should be? It was supposed to make a big conversation with him. Just don't call this conversation a talk show.

This is a tragedy. He's a killer. And he, among other things, killed himself, destroyed himself. Yes, he is alive, but this is a lifetime death. Life imprisonment. "White Swan". A terrible prison in the North of Russia, in Solikamsk. For those with a life sentence. I think it’s life-long, there’s no other way.

But to understand the reasons, to look into his eyes, to talk to him like a human being, and to make sure that everyone hears it: from Putin to ... This is what Channel One or Two had to do. They won't let us in, who we are to them.

And state television should have shown a close-up of his story. It would be, judging by what they tell, the people who visited the killer in the prison cell, a sincere story. A man who, for a minute, is a lieutenant colonel of the FSB in the past.

How did you bring it, who did it, why? How to make sure that people's nerves are not so tense.

And what, most importantly, do these QR codes give?"

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