Posted 9 декабря 2021,, 10:48

Published 9 декабря 2021,, 10:48

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Conspiracy becomes a reality: WHO takes over as the World Government

Conspiracy becomes a reality: WHO takes over as the World Government

9 декабря 2021, 10:48
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The World Health Organization's Pandemic Agreement provides for highly controversial measures to combat the pandemic, including the complete abolition of civil rights.

As you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted the Pandemic Agreement, which sets out the following rules:

1) the sole right of WHO to declare the onset of the next pandemic;

2) the abolition of the rule of human rights in the event of the onset of pandemic regimes;

3) restriction of the rights of trade unions;

4) empowering NPOs and other non-governmental structures with the right to participate on an equal basis with states in the establishment of international laws;

5) the duty of countries to request external assistance if they cannot cope with the pandemic on their own.

In addition, Member States recognized the need to provide WHO with sufficient and sustained funding to enable the organization, in accordance with its constitution, to play a leading and coordinating role on global health issues.

Writer and publicist Marina Shapovalova commented on this impressive document:

“Convenient, huh? The states finance WHO more fatter, and she, with gratitude, gives them a toolkit for the abolition of human rights at the very first sneeze!

Oh, what a fierce conspiracy theories!

Or not. These are the officially published documents of the last session. Either they slander themselves, or they mislead the progressive public.

But the progressive public will not be so easily misled - it will never believe in the conspiracies of the world elites, because this is not comme il faut! One cannot doubt the grace of restrictive measures and total control that humanely compel obscurantists to behave in a safe manner. With them it is impossible to do otherwise, they do not understand in an amicable way.

And a decent and law-abiding person has nothing to fear. Not the abolition of human rights, in fact - what other rights do you, obscurantists, lack when we die through your fault! ..

The distinguished nation-states, represented by their leaders and official representatives, listened to the contents of the WHO Pandemic Agreement and ... They did not say anything.

It would seem that they should be at least to some extent interested that the signed agreement contains clauses that call into question national sovereignty. For example, they might see a threat to sovereignty in empowering NPOs and non-governmental structures to participate in the formation of international laws. Or the obligation to seek outside assistance. I draw your attention to the word "duty". That said, it is not said who will assess the autonomous ability or inability of governments to cope with the coming pandemics. It is not excluded that commercial and non-governmental structures, endowed with extended rights, will be able to evaluate it.

But the national elites are not at all worried about this. Why? Do they not take seriously what the WHO wrote to itself? Or do they already know for sure that the decisions to abolish the rule of human rights in their territories will be made by the right organizations and people?

Such a symphony is observed between the political elites of the sovereigns and the de jure self-appointed organizers of the new world order, it is directly touching. There are no questions about what national governments will be responsible for in the event of a WHO-declared "emergency". What will happen to those who refuse to introduce lockdowns with the defeat of citizens in their rights, following the example of Sweden - they will be declared "uncooperative", or what?

And those who disagree with such decisions are not visible - not heard. And no one is tormented by vague doubts. On the topic of what kind of competition between states and transnationals is taking shape before our eyes. Straight is Schwab's dream.

No one ever shares their sovereignty "for nothing". Since they agree to share it, it means they know what benefits they receive in return ... "

Network analyst Yegor Sedov recalled what happened to the leaders of states who refused to obey the WHO rules:

“You can remember what happened to those who doubted.

Burundi President (very authoritarian) - expelled WHO members from the country. He died soon after in the hospital. (Evil tongues talked about "disease K", but this is not confirmed. Perhaps the old wounds, perhaps the successor. And perhaps not only).

President of Tanzania. He stated that there would be no "measures". He died in the hospital. Again, they talked about "disease K". Something is doubtful ...

President of Madagascar. Has repeatedly criticized WHO. An attempt at a coup and its elimination - fortunately, survived.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia - well, this one is not even a denier. But now in the country there is a war with communist separatists - from the very people from which the general director of WHO comes. And it turns out that the US Democratic Administration supports the separatists ... In terms of the massacre, they clearly surpassed the "banned" new masters of Kabul ... "

And Alexey Ivantsov drew attention to a circumstance that prompts some countries to adopt the rules established by WHO:

“I understand the interest of corrupt countries (such as Moldova, etc.).

They followed the instructions of the WHO - introduced measures, showed the necessary statistics - received the next tranche of aid 60-80-200 million euros.

We pumped it through our own commercial structures, sawed it.

From purchases of beds, linoleum, lamps and other equipment for covid centers to computers, transport, tests.

From conducting seminars on the topic to paying for materials in the media.

From business trips to various operating expenses.

From disinfectants in trolleybuses to printing information materials.

We drank - I don’t want to!

Hundreds of people benefit from who is in the subject.

It's not miserable taxes to collect and then divide them in the budget.

For the sake of this, you can strain the population and walk around in masks. Once in a lifetime such a chance.

Other business. Mega. Much more profitable...".