Posted 10 декабря 2021,, 10:05

Published 10 декабря 2021,, 10:05

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The market of "gray" rental housing will be regulated by a single online application

The market of "gray" rental housing will be regulated by a single online application

10 декабря 2021, 10:05
The Ministry of Construction has developed a bill on the creation of a special state information system (GIS), where landlords will have to register all contracts for renting apartments, apartments and parking spaces.

The department believes that due to the shadow housing rental market, the state loses 162 billion rubles a year.

According to Kommersant, referring to the text of the document received, the bill provides for all calculations through the GIS application. They plan to motivate landlords with the help of fines, the amount of which is 3-5 thousand rubles for individuals or 30-50 thousand rubles for legal entities - for refusing to post information, 500-2500 rubles for individuals or up to 10 thousand rubles for legal entities - for making settlements outside the GIS.

“The document says that the owners of apartments, apartments, parking spaces and their tenants will be obliged to post information about their terms and the amount of payment in the GIS within 30 days from the date of conclusion of contracts or amendments to them. All settlements will be carried out through this system, "Kommersant reports.

At the moment, the document has been sent to the relevant ministries and departments for approval.

“We expect the bill to be submitted to the State Duma in the spring session, having settled all issues with interested participants”, - said Nikita Stasishin, deputy head of the Ministry of Construction.

On August 24 this year, Vladimir Putin ordered the development of a GIS. The deputy head of the Ministry of Construction clarified that the system will fully belong to the state, and the Ministry of Construction will act as the operator.

“The main goal of the future GIS is to whitewash the market and protect the interests of employers”, - says the explanatory note to the bill.

At the same time, Stashin said that all existing online rental platforms will continue to work, but experts and market participants have serious concerns about the idea.

“It is extremely difficult to control in the current conditions, which will lead to unreasonable bringing of citizens to administrative responsibility”, - says Galina Hamburg, head of the property and liability relations practice at

Yandex. Real Estate ”believe that the emergence of a single operator can monopolize the market, and the bill requires open discussion with the business. According to and. O. Director for GR CIAN Mikhail Ryzhenkov, the introduction of mandatory registration of contracts, on the contrary, will lead to the opposite effect - to the growth of the gray segment.