Posted 13 декабря 2021, 06:53

Published 13 декабря 2021, 06:53

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Clothing market caught fire in St. Petersburg

13 декабря 2021, 06:53
Фото: РЕН ТВ
Three hangars on the territory of the clothing market caught fire in St. Petersburg. The area of the fire has grown to 1200 square meters.

This was reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the Ministry of Emergencies.

No data on casualties have been reported.

Wound in the department clarified that hangars are burning on the territory of the clothing market on an area of 400 square meters. meters at Frunzensky district, Salova street, house 52. 13 units of equipment and 62 personnel are involved in extinguishing the fire.

It's worth reminding that on December 10, in the north-west of Moscow, a covid hospital caught fire.