Posted 13 декабря 2021,, 16:55

Published 13 декабря 2021,, 16:55

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Question of the day: why is everyone busy making vaccines and not drugs for the virus?

Question of the day: why is everyone busy making vaccines and not drugs for the virus?

13 декабря 2021, 16:55
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Instead of fighting evil, officials enrich themselves with all available means.

Blogger Heinrich_Faust asked several important questions about the pandemic situation and the measures that are being taken to overcome it. Moreover, he immediately warned readers that he was not an anti-vaxxer, and he very much respects the Strasbourg doctor, the inventor of vaccinations, Louis Pasteur. However, at the same time, the idea of vaccination against the disease has become today, in his opinion, a political event. Therefore, the blogger had the following questions:

1. Why is everyone busy playing the game of constructing a vaccine against the virus and not looking for a cure for the virus? But from this it does not follow at all that you need to enter QR-codes. Not vaccinated - died - your problems, but now vaccinated are afraid of the unvaccinated! People are not against vaccinations, they are against OR-codes, the data about which goes to no one knows where, people really feel that the danger is in QR codes, and not in a vaccine or disease. The vaccine can be dangerous for some groups of patients or for its long-term consequences. But from the fact of vaccination, it never followed the delivery of personal data.

In addition, QR codes are introduced where it is not necessary - museums, theaters, and other culture - where it is possible to organize a sparse flow of visitors without problems, where people can be seated, where people can be guaranteed to be in masks and with PCR... Oh, paid PCR is another cherry on the cake.

2. One more question: for each vaccination from the treasury - according to the compulsory medical insurance from our taxes - 15 thousand rubles are paid somewhere. To whom and why?

3. Why is the COVIVAC vaccine inaccessible to the masses, which provides protection against the very infection of the disease, and doctors, generals and so on are vaccinated with it? .. This is what the people say and quite normal publications write. The rest are vaccinated against it is not clear from what - once they say that not from infection. Doctors say to those who have been ill - rejoice, you are alive and you do NOT need to be vaccinated.

4. Medical treatment is not given even to epileptics and cancer patients. At least until recently. A publicly available vaccine does not guarantee that there is no disease. The question is why? Why not vaccinate them - since it really is necessary - with Covivac?

5. All vaccination data does NOT go to medical registries, but somewhere else. The doctors are shocked. But they are mostly silent. Who does the money go to for all this?

In conclusion, the blogger repeats once again:

“I AM FOR VACCINATIONS. Reliable, equally accessible to everyone, I am for the treatment of the disease, I am for the understanding that vaccination and QR-coding are two fundamentally different processes. And that going to the theater is safer for your health than going to the cafeteria next to the theater, if you are consistent in the logic of prevention. People will walk, make theaters in apartments and dachas, and cook porridge themselves. And they will be saved. Will develop herd immunity..."