Posted 13 декабря 2021, 07:34

Published 13 декабря 2021, 07:34

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The project "Mrakoborets" to combat anti-vaxxers is gaining popularity on the networks

13 декабря 2021, 07:34
Фото: инстаграм Марии Шукшиной
Members of the public are fighting anti-vaxxers' icons like the actress Maria Shukshina in a primitive but an effective way - they file complaints about their publications on social networks until they are banned.

The Mrakoborets Project*, operating in Telegram and VKontakte, is trying to resist the popular anti-vaxxers by filing complaints against the moderators of social networks.

The other day, the "obscene" in this way managed to demolish the YouTube channel of Maria Shukshina, who preaches her views, publishing fakes about the "plans of Bill Gates" and "zombifying the population", but at the same time refuses the invitation to visit the red zone of covid branches, where it lies like-minded people. The next task is to close Shukshina's Facebook page, or rather even two, on which she speaks from the same anti-scientific positions.

The method of the "Mrakoborets" does not look impeccable from an ethical point of view, but in wartime, when it comes to saving lives, it is certainly justified. You can join the fight against obscurantists by following the link.

* The name of the project can be translated like The fighter with the incompetence