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Chic, glitter, tinsel. What gifts were ordered on Government procurement for the New Year 2022

Chic, glitter, tinsel. What gifts were ordered on Government procurement for the New Year 2022

14 декабря 2021, 10:34
Christmas tree for 50 million for Stavropol. Banquets and sparkling wines - for the state-owned companies. Domestic sweets - for children from low-income families and imported - for children of Rosgvardia and Gazprom employees. Hanging up with illumination of protest Khabarovsk and St. Petersburg.

What kind of other unusual government orders for the New 2022 we have found, read in the review of "Novye Izvestia".

Yulia Suntsova

The country is preparing for the New Year. Officials and state corporations in Russia have one nice bonus - they can order gifts, festive decorations and a festive mood at the budget expense through government purchases. Sometimes the Antimonopoly Service suppresses excessive arrogance, but this does not always happen.

Then officials and state corporations order gifts not for children, but for their loved ones and spend budget funds not on children's matinees, but on "Blue Lights" in boarding houses bought for a week. Sometimes, according to the degree of efforts of local authorities to decorate cities with illumination, garlands and fir trees, one can understand in which of them citizens more often went to street protest rallies. And by the composition of New Year's gifts, unfortunately, one can judge whose children are in high esteem in Russia.

Cities dressed up

All preparatory records for this year were broken by Stavropol, having ordered the supply and installation of New Year's structures for almost 50 million rubles. The placement of the contract was suspended by three complaints from the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the Stavropol Territory and one complaint by the Federal Antimonopoly Service. The contract with the already selected supplier has been canceled.

What was so terrible in this contract for 50 million rubles that they wanted to decorate the health resort city in the south of Russia, and why were the fighters for competition policy so indignant? "NI" found in the tender documentation a "unique" art object: an artificial spruce in a garland tent (with all kinds of light casing - see the picture). It was planned to install a miracle on Lenin Square in the capital of the Stavropol Territory, but the unreasonable spending of the local authorities was stopped in time. "Protest" cities this year decided to load up and cover up with New Year's illumination in full. Hundreds of millions of rubles have been allocated to decorate the street spaces of St. Petersburg alone.

A cursory search in different locations of the northern capital, we found the following large contracts signed to prepare for the celebration of the New Year 2022 and the Nativity of Christ (from 5 million rubles): - Decoration of the Moika River embankment (section from Nevsky Prospect to Bolshoy Konyushenny Bridge, including Pevcheskiy and Bolshoy Konyushenny Bridges) - 18.9 million rubles; - Design of the Griboyedov Canal (section from Bankovsky Bridge to Novo-Konyushenny Bridge, including the Italian Bridge) and Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street - 19.1 million; - Nevsky Prospect with compositions placed on cable structures - 27.4 million rubles. - Palace Square - 5.3 mln. - Decoration of the streets of St. Petersburg with light compositions and consoles placed on lighting poles, cables, bridges, fences, light garlands, curtains, balls and elements placed on the embankment, trees, shrubs, building facades, free-standing compositions, New Year artificial fir trees high 14 m - 103.9 million rubles, - Supply and installation of equipment, materials for lighting festive decoration of an artificial ice field (artificial spruce, garlands, Christmas decorations) for the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Kirov - 16.6 million, - Provision of services for the centralized design of St. Petersburg with light compositions placed on lighting poles for the holidays - 13.7 million, - Implementation of work on connecting New Year's equipment to outdoor lighting networks for the holiday "New Year 2022 and Christmas" and disconnecting from outdoor lighting networks - 23 million.

In addition, in St. Petersburg, a skating rink is being built at the Christmas fair (for 2.4 million rubles), kindergarten children are congratulated (for 13.5 million rubles), and the Petrogradsky district is festively decorated for the New Year and Christmas holidays (for 6.5 million rubles). ), Moscow and Frunzensky districts (for 21.2 million), etc.

They decided to dilute the protest heat of Khabarovsk with New Year's lights - or rather, LED art objects. The decoration of Lenin Square alone will take almost 20 million rubles. More than 300 garlands, including "Waterfall", hundreds of New Year's decorations - "Bow", "Snowflake", "White ball" and "Blue ball", "Yoke", "Lamp" and "Star".

The most expensive of the art objects are four LED arches and numbers - almost 6 million rubles are spent on them. Almost 6 million rubles more - for ice sculptures - Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, snowmen, thrones, etc. 3 million 215 thousand rubles is an ice slide with two slopes - for children and for adults on the same Lenin Square.

One of the ice art objects, by the way, should be a figure of letters, twenty meters in length and two meters in height: “I LOVE RUSSIA”. In addition to Khabarovsk, expensive New Year's illumination is given to the North Caucasus and Tatarstan. At the same time, many purchases for Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan are controlled by Moscow, go through federal budgetary organizations, and not through the governments of the subjects. 9.45 million rubles have been allocated for artificial spruce in Grozny. A ten-tiered 42-meter New Year tree in the shape of a cone is being purchased for a city holiday in the capital of the Chechen Republic. 36 million rubles have been allocated for holding the "governor's tree" in the capital of Tatarstan - Kazan.

A supplier is looking for the execution of the contract, which has a sports arena with an area of ​​3000 sq. M. With a capacity of up to 4000 spectators and the ability to mount scenery. On December 25, it is planned to hold two concert programs with the distribution of New Year's gifts to nine thousand children. The concert program itself and the production of numbers involves writing music and texts in Russian and Tatar languages, recording an orchestra, attracting artists, vocalists, actors, dancers, extras, staging vocal and choreographic numbers, dance sketches. A bright spectacular performance should "reveal at a professional level the primordial national traditions of the Tatar people, its musical, dance culture, and applied arts".

The Yekaterinburg administration also buys festive lighting for the historic square for 10.5 million rubles. Actually, here is a set for the townspeople for this money: The Kirov Mayor's Office bought the New Year's decoration of the Theater Square for a comparable amount - 9 million 812 thousand rubles, but it will build much more with this money.

A 22-meter spruce should be mounted on the square, protected with wooden shields, built two slides - the Firebird and the Ladya, flooded the skating rink, installed light compositions, the Tunnel, 2022, HAPPY NEW YEAR, as well as architectural and decorative compositions "Deer in the forest", "Forest", LED balls, sculptures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. One problem: as half of the entire festive decoration of the square is installation work. Additionally, the city administration signed two contracts worth 5 million 260 thousand rubles - for the assembly and disassembly of New Year's illumination. In Moscow, suspiciously few purchases are being found on the official portal of the State Procurement of the Russian Federation.

Apparently, tenders for the capital are played according to special rules or are hidden on purpose, so as not to irritate the rest of Russia with the capital's love of chic, splendor and luxury. And yet, one very kind Moscow order was found: for children who spend New Year's holidays in hospitals of medical organizations in the Central Administrative District, the Moscow government is organizing the "Good New Year Party of the Mayor of Moscow 2022".

Why the mayor is only kind to the Central District is, of course, a question. For 9.4 million rubles, it is planned to hold concert, cultural and educational New Year's events for children in these 15 hospitals from December 1 to 30 for young patients in these 15 hospitals "in order to create a festive atmosphere." To organize the sideshow, a creative team is hired who can interact with children with different developmental disabilities: presenters, animators, artists of original genres and ballets, two Santa Claus and two Snow Maidens.

According to some strange lot, several schools in Moscow were also lucky, in which the New Year mood will be created at the budgetary expense: these are GKOU KSHI No. 1, GKOU SKOSHI No. 2, GKOU KSHI No. 5, GKOU SKOSHI No. 31, GKOU SKOSHI No. 52, GKOU SKOSHI No. 65, GKOU SKOSHI No. 73, GKOU SKOSHI No. 79, GKOU KSHI No. 102, GKOU SKOSH No. 571, GKOU School "Teaching Technologies", GKOU "School No. 2124".

A subordinate institution of the Department of Education and Science of the capital will spend more than 2 million 779 thousand rubles to supply these schools with New Year's decorations. A simple list includes various products made of plastic, glass, foil and textiles: Christmas tree toy "Decorative Snowflake", LED; Christmas tree toys, colored balls; New Year's ball, plastic; Christmas tree toys, colored balls, set; Christmas tree toy "New Year's bow", plastic; Christmas tree toys, colored balls, set; Tinsel, lavsan, 3v; Tinsel, lavsan, 2v; Tinsel, lavsan, 2.5m, Tip "Spire" for a New Year tree, height 25 cm, plastic; Decorative snowflake, polystyrene; Christmas decorations, plastic beads, 10m, Tinsel, lavsan, 1.5m; Composition of decorative flowers, balls, New Year's; Artificial flower, plastic; Christmas decorations, plastic beads, 2.7m; Floor acrylic LED figure "Snowman", height 150 cm. Walking the nearest suburb of Moscow.

Podolsk orders glowing New Year's figures for 31.9 million rubles. All these budgetary funds are planned to be spent on one controversial installation - to lay out a square with garlands on the facade of the concert hall of the city administration (see the picture). "The installation can be accompanied by the text:" Fabulous New Year! " - stated in the procurement documentation. What do you understand about creating a New Year's mood?

An interesting purchase wanted to carry out the directorate of parks of the Odintsovo urban district of the Moscow region. For 8 compositions from obscure materials, a budgetary institution was ready to shell out 17.8 million rubles. The figures were to be located within certain elite quarters of the Istra and Serebryanoborovskoye district forestry.

Based on the results of an unscheduled inspection of the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Moscow Region, the determination of the supplier was blocked.

Actually, you can think for yourself whether these creations are worth almost 18 million rubles, given that the main sponsors of this are Russian taxpayers: Khimki is also walking this New Year. 21.4 million rubles have been allocated for New Year's street lights. Judging by the auction documentation, 27,300 garlands have already been purchased with this money. In Nizhny Novgorod, in the Dmitrovskaya tower of the Kremlin, a "multimedia show" will be held. For the production of two videos, which will be broadcast during this festive program, the director of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin Yuri Bortnikov is allocating 10.6 million rubles and 8 million rubles.

The organization of the multimedia show itself will cost the city budget another 14 million 160 thousand rubles. According to the auction documentation, the scope of services includes: a light corridor located between the Pantry and Nikolskaya towers; screening of an audiovisual work on the walls of the Nikolskaya Tower; interactive screens with actors in the area between Nikolskaya Tower, Pantry Tower and building # 10; multimedia installation in the fir park; demonstration of a laser audiovisual work on the walls of building 14, etc.

In Yelabuga, through a subordinate institution of the municipal administration, they buy the "Volna" stele. The authorities are ready to allocate 2 million 667 thousand rubles from the budget for a metal structure with illumination (see the picture) at the roundabout. In Perm, it is planned to install a New Year's complex on the main esplanade to celebrate the coming New Year and the Nativity of Christ. The cost of the object is 10 million rubles.

But something else is interesting. The city pays extra money from above so that all New Year's installations, in principle, will last until New Year's and Christmas nights and survive them safely. So, for example, for the provision of services for the protection of objects of New Year's townships 2021-2022, the autonomous cultural institution of Perm "Permpark" will pay 2 million 037 thousand along with the chop residents.

Every day, including on weekends and holidays - 5 security guards will be on duty in the park "Happiness is", 7 security guards - in the Garden. Mindovsky and Park them. Chekhov, three at each of these locations on Christmas night. The procurement documentation specifies that the guards should not only be people dressed in official uniforms for the season, but also make sure that this uniform is clean and worn neatly. An obligatory requirement is to be polite and tactful, as well as to be able to use technical means of protection - an alarm button, communication means, etc.

Gross violations of the contract include: drinking alcoholic beverages, even low-alcohol ones, and using drugs.

State corporations: both bread and circuses

State corporations and departments are preparing to end this year in different ways. Some people do not mind funds for luxurious corporate events. JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport organizes a children's matinee performance for 2842 children of its employees. The program includes an ice show, a water show, a theater performance with an animation program, a circus performance, etc. The cost is 10 million 129 thousand rubles.

For this money, the holiday is organized twice - a few days before the New Year and during the Christmas holidays in one of the buildings of the airport itself. PJSC Electrics and Electrification Mosenergo is organizing a New Year's holiday for the children of its employees for 8 million rubles. With this money, it is planned to hold a four-hour spectacular and entertainment event, to which 1000 children and 500 parents will be invited.

When gathering guests, a buffet with waiters should work, and the festive children's menu should include: at least 7 types of mini-pies, assorted sweet homemade cakes, fries / country style, chicken nuggets, mini-burgers (always with turkey meat), hot dogs, mini pizza, dessert station: with mousses, jellies, assorted mini cakes, assorted milkshakes and juices. The entertainment program itself should include "a thematic show / performance and carry an active component with the involvement of children in the action, the performer provides performances of artistic groups connected in one storyline".

The Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, represented by one of its FBSU, the Snegiri Recreation Complex, supplies themselves with New Year decorations for 1.2 million rubles. Among them - an artificial spruce "Virginia", 2.1 meters high, weighing 7 kg, needle length 4.5-4.6 cm; shimmering starry Christmas tree rain, street electric garland; a set of Christmas balls (33 pcs) and icicles (3 pcs); beads are light blue and pale pink; tinsel "Morozko"; panels Santa Claus with gifts, Santa's team, Snow Maiden, Snowman; Christmas tree decorations bells, snowflakes and a star, as well as "Inflatable Santa Claus" frost-resistant and Glowing Deer "Frisky", etc. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation purchases an LED spruce with light balls for 9.9 million rubles. Moreover, the spruce itself will cost the federal budget 6.8 million rubles, and balls of three types - 3.1 million. The auction itself, according to the notice, is held behind closed doors. The international children's center "Artek" is supplied with New Year's structures for almost 12 million rubles. What is being bought with this money?

Again, the list of tender documents answers this question very accurately. So, this year will create a New Year's atmosphere in Artek: a tree with fiberglass light balls, a facade light structure “Christmas tree toys”, gobo projectors, stroboscopes, toys for the Chupa-Chups Christmas tree, lighting decoration for a Christmas tree transition, sweet consoles, stars on the facade buildings, photo zone "New Year sweets". The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs allocated 23.5 million rubles for the All-Russian intellectual and sports game "New Year DRIVING".

The contractor has already been identified for the contract - the auction was won by the Russian Center for Civil and Patriotic Education of Children and Youth. With this money, a competition for four thousand people is held for three days. The organizer must attract experts to evaluate the competition works, hire director and production groups for the event, conduct a business and excursion and entertainment program, organize accommodation and meals for participants, experts, coaches and guests of honor in Moscow, provide sites for the competition, photography, supply souvenirs etc.

Drinking and singing at someone else's expense is doubly pleasant

Several enterprises with state participation have clearly beguiled the shores and are buying gifts not for children, but for their loved ones, and the New Year is just an excuse for it. Thus, in Rybinsk, the UEC-Saturn Public Joint Stock Company (owned by Rostec and Rosimushchestvo, and through the company - OPK Oboronprom JSC) purchased 12,800 bottles (!) Of semi-sweet sparkling wine Abrau-Dyurso. The customer was only interested in varieties of Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Aligote, Pinot Blanc with "bright, fresh, clean, pleasant tones of citrus fruits, yellow apples and pears".

Another company, Joint Stock Company Rusatom Energo International (through JSC Atomenergoprom belongs to the Government of the Russian Federation) purchased 510 bottles of sparkling wine of the following names: Maximum Blanc de Blancs Trento DOC brut from Ferrari. In the requirements set by the customer, it is said that the wine must be straw-golden in color, made from one grape variety 100% Chardonnay, and "when pouring sparkling wine into a glass, a characteristic foam with the release of bubbles of carbon dioxide must form".

Aged in a bottle for at least 36 months. Tinted glass bottle having a punt at the bottom. Natural cork. A necklace with an inscription is wrapped around the neck of the bottle. Why should taxpayers pay for this delivery, albeit indirectly? The terms of reference says that the product will be used as New Year's gifts (only no one knows who). No. 1 in the rating of our review on impudence - Public Joint Stock Company "Moscow City Telephone Network", headed by director Albert Gilmanov.

The company is 100% owned by the Moscow City Property Management Committee. It is not excluded that the organization is buying out the Iskra boarding house in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region entirely on budget funds on New Year's Eve itself - from December 31 to January 1 and for another 8 days and nights after! Here, for example, is a solemn program only for New Year's Eve itself: - artists - from 22:00 December 31 02.30 h. January 1 (02:30), - vocalists-soloists, cover-group - performance in 2 halls (cinema, banquet), genre: popular hits of 70-80-90s, with their own musical equipment, 6 times for 30-40 minutes, - show ballet (dance group) - colorfully decorated costumes and dance performances of various genres, performance in 2 halls, in each hall 4 exits for 10 minutes, - laser and light show in 2 halls. 2 exits for 20 min., - host (2 pcs) for banquets and contests, quests, - fireworks on a football field - launch time - 5 minutes, medium-level fireworks with a launch height of 50 - 60 meters (Roman candles, rockets, fireworks effects assemblies, household fireworks and batteries of fireworks with a caliber of products from 25 to 50 mm), - DJ for tuning and sounding artists with 2 kW equipment and light, - saxophonist for meeting guests, - Santa Claus with accordion and Snow Maiden in 2 halls!

The program for the next 8 days and nights in the Iskra boarding house, by the way, is not much inferior to New Year's Eve. The joint-stock company "Bashkir Soda Company" also, it is possible that for taxpayers' funds, it arranges a corporate party for 7.4 million rubles (the text of the agreement and the terms of reference are not displayed on the State Procurement website). Strange gift sets with items made of genuine leather, clearly not for children, are ordered by the Rosoboronexport Joint Stock Company for 12.5 million rubles. Exclusive gifts are required to ensure representative activities, specified in the documentation.

600 happy owners will receive for the New Year: 1. Business folder with an asymmetric angle with a zipper made of natural suede; 2. Diary A6 with a portfolio cover made of natural suede; 3. Shielding envelope case for phone, keys and plastic cards (RFID-protection (Radio Frequuency IDentification) made of natural suede with a magnetic flap, 4. Credit card case with asymmetric pockets with RFID-protection (Radio Frequuency IDentification) made of natural suede; 5.6 Wallet made of natural suede; 6. Gift box "Casket".

Children's gifts are so different

New Year's gifts for seriously ill children, disabled children and orphans, children from low-income families are purchased by many municipal and regional departments of the Ministry of Social Protection. Large state corporations and departments also buy them for the children of their employees. There seems to be only one source of funding - the budget of the Russian Federation, the region, the municipality. But the presents are different.

Procurement of the so-called social kits are trying to help the unfortunate domestic enterprises, at least somehow load their production lines, so the Ministry of Social Protection often includes in the requirements for the supplier that the goods are not overseas, not hostile. But in children's gifts for a child whose parents work in Gazprom, Rosneft, Rosgvardia, there is no need for extra patriotism - it's not a sin to report to Santa Claus and Snickers and Bounty and Kinder Surprise. What is included in social packages, for example, in the Primorsky Territory? Their Social Security will then distribute among all children, as they write, who are in difficult life situations, children from large families, families of military personnel and internal affairs officers who died in the line of military service.

A cardboard box with a lid code-named "Gift No. 33" costs 300 rubles and includes 35 chocolates, 8 caramels and 1 chocolate bar. - Fondant milk candies glazed with confectionery glaze: "Burnaya Bay" - 2 pieces, "Tsap-scratch" - 4 pieces, "Shamora" - 3 pieces, "Svetlanskaya" - 4 pieces, - Fondant sweets glazed with confectionery glaze: "Hasanochka" - 5 pieces, "Primorochka" - 4 pieces, - Fondant sweets, creamy brulee, glazed with confectionery glaze: "Cocoa-fondant" - 2 pieces, - Praline-type sweets glazed with confectionery glaze: "Gnome mischievous" - 2 pieces, - Fat-based sweets, glazed with confectionery glaze "Mice - nooshki" - 2 pieces, - Waffle sweets with fat filling glazed with confectionery glaze "Chapa-Lyapa T" - 1 piece, "Pineapple" - 1 piece, - Waffle sweets with praline filling glazed with confectionery glaze: "Skorokhod Cat" - 1 piece, "Far Eastern Bear" - 1 piece, "Ussuriysky Bear" - 1 piece, - Unglazed jelly candies: "Festival with orange flavor" - 1 piece, "Festival with apple flavor" - 1 piece, - Dark chocolate "Primorsky confectioner" with seaweed 1/65 dark "Primorsky confectioner" - 1 piece, - Candy Caramel "Merry Slices" With the taste of lemon, orange, grapefruit - 2 pieces, - Caramel with fruit and berry filling taste "Lemon" - 3 pieces, "Strawberry" with fruit and berry filling - 3 pieces. A mandatory requirement for all names of goods is Russian production. For comparison - what gifts are ordered for the children of employees by the largest state corporations, for example, Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg.

The cost of one set is already twice as high - 720 rubles. Both toys and pastries are put here. And they demand that children, having received a New Year's box, not only eat sweets, but also develop intellectually. In its requirements for the supplier, the Gazprom branch in Orenburg asks that the toys in the gift sets “contribute to the development of children's creativity, be able to be used in joint activities, have the didactic properties necessary for the intellectual development of children, enriching them with knowledge”. In addition, toys from New Year's sets "should stimulate pro-social actions and, if possible, evoke humane feelings, maintain a respectful attitude towards nature and man." It is unacceptable that the toy contains qualities that "stimulate antisocial actions and feelings: violence, cruelty, aggressiveness, indifference, etc".

The confectionery products in the New Year gifts of the Gazprom branch should be represented by a wide range of sweets, including a chocolate bar with a filling of the highest category, weighing at least 50 g, original surprise sweets, classic chocolate sweets (not less than 70% of the total weight of the set) and caramel sweets (caramel sweets are allowed no more than 10% in the total mass of the set). But peanuts, raisins, marshmallows, cookies, waffles are not allowed. The cost of one New Year's gift for children in the Chechenenergo Joint Stock Company is 900 rubles, and these boxes already contain "foreign" sweets: Snickers, Mars, M&M, KitKat, Bounty, Chupa Chups, etc.

A gift for a child of a Rosgvardia employee costs 1,500 rubles. This year, the FSUE Okhrana of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation is purchasing 28 thousand sets for 42 million rubles. The source of spending is the federal budget.

The gift includes: "Nesquik" milk chocolate with milk filling and calcium, "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg 20g, Snickers minis, Mars minis, Twix minis, Milky Way minis, KitKat mini, Choco Pie, 30r, seven varieties of sweets of the brand “ Babaevsky "(with truffle cream and almonds, chocolate flavor," Belochka "," Inspiration "," Truffle "," Visit "), 15 varieties of Red October sweets (" Mishka kosolapy "- ordinary and honey roasted nuts," Alenka "- an ordinary gingerbread tale with hazelnuts," Little Red Riding Hood ", soft roasted nuts," Kara-kum "," Red Poppy "," Mask "," Nut Grove "," Pleasure "," Mega Drive "," Toffee de luxe classic "," Iris Krepysh "), 14 varieties of Rot Front sweets (" Bird's Milk "," Moscow Lights "," Autumn Waltz "," Wafer Lady "- milk and chocolate," Souffle Lady ", bars," Potato "," Family of Owls "," Star Rain "," Boss Coconut "," Kitty ", "Hulva in Chocolate Glaze", "Crazy Bumblebee").