Posted 14 декабря 2021,, 10:47

Published 14 декабря 2021,, 10:47

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Human ant-hills for us and the foxtrot for them: developers will hold a grand New Year's ball

Human ant-hills for us and the foxtrot for them: developers will hold a grand New Year's ball

14 декабря 2021, 10:47
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On December 15, Moscow will host the "main social event" - the New Year's ball for the developers and builders.

Lyudmila Butuzova

Despite the strained relations between Muscovites and developers, they had a rare opportunity to merge in a friendly tango and raise a joint toast to the further prosperity of the capital. “The main social event of the year” (as the organizers call it - ed.) - The New Year's Ball for developers and builders will be held in Moscow on December 15, on the territory of the Skolkovo innovation center. "Do not miss! For the first time, everyone will be!", - invites the site.

On the website you can book a ticket with a discount, get acquainted with the Board of Trustees of the Ball and the program of the event. Expected "300 plus" participants representing "the entire construction and real estate industry" - owners and top managers of campaigns, suppliers of building and finishing materials, builders, investors, developers, bankers, realtors... Architects are invited, most of whom have long been excluded from the "industry construction” and are in contradiction with it, but since “for the first time there will be everyone!”, the Union of Moscow Architects will also be able to dance with the developers. Ordinary Muscovites, on whose shoulders the construction business rises and flourishes, will be presented at the ball by Russian pop and show business stars.

The seating scheme in the hall, published on the website, is divided into 3 categories - for ticket prices and, accordingly, for a set of ballroom services. Guests of the privileged category "A" (ticket price 44,000 rubles at a discount, without a discount of 48 thousand) are entitled to a red carpet with a solemn announcement of their name and construction merits, photo and video filming on the carpet, a creative area for photographing and another "professional photo session in luxurious atmosphere ”, as well as an invitation to a private event (which is not specified). Guests of category "B" and "C" (tickets 24,500 and 22,000 rubles) are not allowed carpets and private events, they will simply be photographed and sent electronically. Otherwise, there is no stratification - everyone will take part in a lottery with a drawing of valuable prizes, a symphony orchestra with a classical repertoire, “interactive content based on world cinema hits”, Dima Bilan and “an exquisite gala dinner with author's serving of dishes from one of the most famous chefs of the Russian Federation. (If you thought it was Prigozhin, then you are mistaken, there are other worthy professionals). Tables - for ten people, regardless of the category of guests. The menu has not been announced. But, judging by the photos, there are plenty of dishes and wine glasses for changing dishes and drinks. Another question is whether there will be time for a gala dinner if the guests, at the will of the organizers, have no time to sit down. As we entered the hall at 19.30, we ran along the red carpet, took pictures, greeted each other and danced right away. Timeline - at 20.00 acquaintance waltz (10 minutes). Followed without a break tango, turning into a foxtrot (half an hour), samba and salsa to exhaustion. During the burning Latin American passions, a cake take-out is scheduled for 15 minutes and a charity auction for 20 minutes. How to digest all this without looking up from your partner? With such a load, the building complex may lose the best ...

The dance marathon will continue until 11.55 pm, when the “rehearsal for the coming New Year” begins. Five minutes of respite and frolic again!

Without preparation, such a ball cannot be sustained. Don't worry, she was! Tickets for all categories of guests included a monthly subscription to any club of the GalaDance premium network to prepare for the ball. Group lessons with a professional choreographer - no restrictions, in good hands during this time you can turn any developer into a ballerina. The premium category "A" was additionally entitled to two personal lessons with a teacher. All guests of the "main event of the year" took a master class on social etiquette and successfully completed it, according to the organizers' website.

“This is how unobtrusively advertise the ball of developers and builders, - the architect Vladimir Vershinin shared his publication on Facebook, - How much joy and tenderness. Why am I sick?"

And Muscovites have not seen a report from the ball yet ... The organizers promise a live broadcast.