Posted 15 декабря 2021,, 06:41

Published 15 декабря 2021,, 06:41

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HeadHunter: a third of citizens supported the introduction of QR-codes

HeadHunter: a third of citizens supported the introduction of QR-codes

15 декабря 2021, 06:41
Almost every second Russian is worried about the speed of the spread of coronavirus infection, and every third spoke in favor of introducing a QR code system in the country.

This is reported by RIA Novosti, referring to a study conducted by the HeadHunter service.

According to the results of the survey, 49% of citizens are concerned about the rate of spread of covid.

More than half of those who were vaccinated against the virus spoke positively about the introduction of QR codes, and only 7% of those who did not receive the vaccine.

Basically, analysts said, older people supported the codes: 43% of study participants are over 55 years old and 40% of citizens aged 45-54 years. Among respondents aged 35-44, 33% agree with the new system. From the category of 18-24 years old - 36%.

Basically, restrictive measures were supported in the Samara region - 42% , Moscow - 39% , Krasnoyarsk region - 39%, St. Petersburg - 36% , Rostov region - 35% , Bashkortostan - 35% , Novosibirsk region - 34% and Tatarstan - 33 %.

51% of physicians supported QR codes, as did 45% of banking sector employees, 43% of procurement employees, 43% of advertising and marketing representatives, 42% of education and media representatives, 36% of top managers.

29% would like to see restrictions on the vaccinated.

53% of those surveyed said they were vaccinated against COVID-19.

Note that earlier Levada Center * conducted a similar survey - concerning the attitude of citizens towards the introduction of QR codes in transport. The overwhelming majority of its participants opposed this measure.

* recognized as a foreign agent