Posted 16 декабря 2021,, 16:41

Published 16 декабря 2021,, 16:41

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State Duma Deputy Butina recognized the famous Barbie doll as a foreign agent

State Duma Deputy Butina recognized the famous Barbie doll as a foreign agent

16 декабря 2021, 16:41
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Apparently, the Russian authorities intend to completely close the country from any foreign influence.

As the Russian media have already reported, State Duma Deputy Maria Butina was concerned with an extremely urgent problem for the Russian state today: children's toys. And it's not a joke. How can you really foster patriotic feelings in the younger generation if they play with Barbie dolls? Who will it take an example from in the future?

It's time to recognize the Barbie doll as a foreign agent

Butina writes on her channel:

“Now, seriously. In the photo for comparison there are 2 dolls: the first is from the Russian factory "Vesna" in Kirov, the second is the American Barbie. While the Ministry of Education closely monitors school textbooks. And in vain. As if after a couple of years it was not discovered that our children grow up on completely non-our dolls and take an example from them. Maybe it's time to think? "

Butina said that she was already studying domestic GOSTs about toys, as well as international experience: “I have been working on this issue for a long time. I will work with the Ministry of Education, because this is a national issue, and there can be no opponents here. As a woman and a teacher by education, I understand that the future of our children depends on their development in the first years of life. "

That is, the state descends to its smallest citizens. However, this is not the first year that this has happened, if we remember that on the eve of Victory Day, victorious goods appear in stores like a soldier's uniform for preschoolers during the war.

But this is not even the point, but the fact that Russia is hopelessly lagging behind developed countries in literally all parameters, including in the entertainment industry. By closing our market for foreign toys, we are 100% likely to get a colossal technological gap in a few years, as was the case with the same Barbie dolls or Lego constructors, in the photographs of which Soviet children and their parents looked with undisguised envy.

One cannot but recall the fact that Butina is one of the most active lobbyists for the free sale of arms in Russia.

Better to run with machine guns!

On social networks, they are perplexed about this:

- On the playground, all the gaming devices with the words "police", "DPS" ... What's that? It's scary to imagine what else she can arrange for us.

- I am especially amazed that a person who lobbied the interests of firearms manufacturers is going to regulate toys.

- Honestly, we in Soviet times, it seemed, had heard enough of the Komsomol cynical "patriotism" - thought for a lifetime. But no! They crawl out like cockroaches from cracks and butin and mizuryat!

- Let him tell how she was a doll in the hands of adventurous uncles who used her for their own interests. And how she felt when she herself, like a doll, was left in the sandbox and asked to help her, at least with a few dollars. And how the puppeteers lurked, who played a lot with the doll Masha.

Public figure Vera Afanasyeva suggested in her turn:

“We need to make dolls with the face of the beauty Butina. And yes - the country should be proud of such teachers. But all these "mashi dolls", butins with mizulins, are only engaged in translating the agenda with really important things into all sorts of nonsense. Clowns helping the magician to distract attention. In the photo - English Christmas tree decorations in the form of the Beatles, 1970s. I wish I were like that! "

And instead of German diapers, you need to return the Tambov diapers

However, the topic of children's toys was raised even before Butina. For example, in 2014, the mayor of Tambov, and then Senator Alexei Kondratyev, said that Russian children should only play with domestic toys:

“Everything was calculated very competently, even on a non-verbal level. There were children's toys - toy soldiers - of our production, it was psychologically proven that if a child plays with soldiers, he is ready in advance to defend the Motherland. The girls who play with our dolls live by our values - they are ready to become normal mothers. This is the basis, and if the doll is called "Barbie", they put diapers on the children with the inscription "Made in USA", and give textbooks depicting American tanks, then after 20 years it is useless to explain to them that these are our enemies..."

That is, the Russians, apparently, will soon have to give up Chinese nipples and German diapers - diapers and sandals are our future!