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Published 17 декабря 2021,, 08:25

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"We will not forget - we will not forgive!" In 2022, Russia will celebrate the 30th anniversary of privatization

"We will not forget - we will not forgive!" In 2022, Russia will celebrate the 30th anniversary of privatization

17 декабря 2021, 08:25
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If one of the young people thinks that all this is overgrown with the grass of oblivion, then he is mistaken. Opinion polls show that privatization and the so-called loans-for-shares auctions that followed is still the most painful point in the memory, in the minds of Russians.

Sergey Baimukhametov

73% still remember it as an insulting and insolent deception. Everyone was then handed out privatization checks - vouchers. Assuring that they give the right to production and other assets of the country - well, you yourself understand: to factories, factories, deposits of oil, gas, rare earth metals, gold, diamonds...

As a result, 25% of Russians invested them somewhere without a trace (the created privatization funds disappeared, burst, closed, and 40 million vouchers disappeared along with them. 12% of shares of any enterprises were bought, but they were not even interested in dividends - because of senselessness. And 30% of Russians sold vouchers, some for a couple of bottles of vodka, while the rest of the “securities” are still in the dressers.

Of course, much of the perception was confused: for example, in folklore, for some reason, privatization deception was combined with perestroika:

Perestroika is a dear mother,

The voucher is a native father.

What the hell are relatives like that?

I'd rather be an orphan.

As always, the age-old Russian question has arisen and with every decade is becoming more urgent: WHO IS TO BE GUILTY?

For example, the American (!) Economist, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz in 2001 came to the following conclusion:

“As a result of the distribution of natural resources ... a bunch of Yeltsin's friends and associates turned into billionaires... Even the“ robber barons ”of the wild American West multiplied the country's wealth, although they snatched a considerable chunk from it. Russian oligarchs plundered and devoured property, leaving the country even poorer".

In Russia, however, many believe that, on the contrary, it was not without American enemy intrigues. This opinion of the masses was poetically expressed by a pensioner from Khabarovsk, who in 2018 filed a lawsuit against the "chief privatizer" Anatoly Chubais:

“Why am I a beggar and how I turned out to be,

because Chubais has sold out to America".

Today, President Putin has dotted the i's. At a meeting with members of the Human Rights Council, he said:

“Look: the mid-1990s - early 2000s ... In the early 2000s, I cleaned everyone out there, but in the mid-1990s, as advisers, official employees of the government of the Russian Federation, they were sitting, as it later turned out, staff members of the US Central Intelligence Agency... They were later brought to justice in the US for the fact that they, being employees of the CIA and working for us, violated US law by participating in privatization".

The head of state spoke about this earlier, on a straight line back in 2013:

“There is a lot of funny things (emphasis mine S. B). For example, in the environment of Anatoly Borisovich (Chubais - S.B.), as it turned out today, staff members of the US CIA worked as advisers. But the funniest thing is that upon returning to the United States, they were brought to trial for the fact that they, in violation of the laws of their country, enriched themselves in the course of privatization in the Russian Federation. And they did not have the right to do so as acting intelligence officers. Under the law, they were prohibited from engaging in any kind of commercial activity within the United States, but they could not resist - corruption, you know... But we must pay tribute to the American judicial system: they did not look at anything, even revealed the fact that they worked in Chubais's entourage CIA personnel".

Yes, very funny ... That's how it was, it turns out! Moreover, the scale is such that one of those spy advisers and saboteurs in his homeland, in America, was sentenced to a fine of $ 28.5 million.

Here journalistic analysis is powerless. Here consciousness will be saved only by folk art, anecdotes. For example, from the Soviet cycle, known since the 1960s.

Little Johnny walks along the school corridor, muttering under his breath: “Where is the logic? Where is the logic?"

The director met him: "Why aren't you in class?"

“I farted in class,” explains Little Johnny. - I was kicked out. So I breathe fresh air here, and the whole class was left to sniff. Where is the logic?!"

The question is legitimate. It turns out that American spies, advisers, saboteurs "farted" all over the country. They were expelled, but Russia has been "sniffing" for 30 years now, by its own will and understanding.

Moreover, in the United States, those CIA officers were put on trial.

In our country, "privatizers" from the government and beneficiaries-oligarchs, who acted, as it turned out from the words of the head of state, at the behest of the CIA, sat and are sitting in high positions, received all the country's wealth, have multibillion-dollar assets, fabulous fortunes.

That is, everything remained unshakable. The phrase was coined at the beginning of the 2000s, when the CIA agents were being "cleaned out": "There will be no revision of the results of privatization".

The economy is the foundation of everything. As Lenin wrote, politics is a concentrated expression of economics. So, from the quite calm, everyday statement of our president, it follows that the present, post-Soviet Russia, of which the state propaganda is so proud, is a product of the CIA?

And at the same time, we are constantly and brutally fighting the pernicious influence of the West, threatening our missiles with no analogues.

Indeed, where is the logic?