Posted 22 декабря 2021,, 12:10

Published 22 декабря 2021,, 12:10

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Photo of the day: bloggers compared the monument to Kolchak in Omsk with a reproductive organ

Photo of the day: bloggers compared the monument to Kolchak in Omsk with a reproductive organ

22 декабря 2021, 12:10
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A month and a half ago, a monstrous monument to Admiral Kolchak was unveiled in Omsk, funded by local businessmen.

A regiment of monuments disfiguring cities and villages of modern Russia arrived: on November 4, on the birthday of Alexander Kolchak, a monument to the famous admiral was solemnly unveiled in Omsk. In fairness, it should be said that the money for this miracle of sculptural art was not state-owned: it was collected on their own initiative by Omsk businessmen. But the official, ordered by the state and won the competition, the monument - the 6-meter admiral on the captain's bridge - is still hesitant to install. While the Omsk authorities are wondering whether the city needs their Kolchak, and if so, where, the owners of one of the city's restaurants, decided to decorate their institution with a sculpture.

Kolchak, made of reinforced sand concrete, impregnated with beeswax and installed in the bowl of the fountain!

Since Omsk residents have different attitudes towards the admiral, considering him to be either a famous explorer, or a revolutionary, or a murderer and tyrant, the restaurant owners installed video surveillance of the monument.

Social networks were shocked by this piece of art. Blogger Anna Maksimenko writes:

“However, postmodernism entered our life like a brave warrior in a meadow: confidently, rudely and without preludes. This is the monument to Kolchak in Omsk, near the tavern of the same name.

I have a lot of questions. Is he in the boat? Why does water pour there then, is it a hidden meaning, like, he drowned? Why is the hand on the console? What are these idiotic curls everywhere? Modern for the poor? Why are tired hangover snails vomiting on the right and left into the boat, and from above the composition is crowned by an amazed hattifnat (hattifnats are fairy-tale characters of one of the books of the famous Finnish writer Tove Jansson, ed.), Spreading their hands? As already noted, everything is fine in this composition, but the admiral lacks skis.

Thick blood covers my eyes and Claes's ash pounds on my heart. Was this what our grandfathers fought for, I ask you? "

There were other responses to match:

- Forgive me, but this thing, in which they put the statue, looks very much like a picture from the anatomical atlas in the section "organs of reproduction".

- Here, and without me, all together scolded over the monument. Even if we forget about the aesthetic component, it is monstrously obscene. My senile mind refuses to accept the lions embedded in concrete peeing on the general's boots.

- It's just an unthinkable object. I can't even imagine where and how it was necessary to study in order to make such a wild statue. However, perhaps this is the case when the customer "played with the fonts" on his own, commanding to take into account all his wishes. It seems to me that the author of the composition is the same person who made the monument to the royal family in Livadia. It's a nightmare there, but it seems to be either removed or are going to be removed out of sight. But someone orders and pays for it, and someone else does it!

- And yet, after Kalashnikov in Moscow, Omsk Kolchak is beautiful. And about the water and the boat, the authors have a logic: Kolchak was, among other things, an oceanographer and hydrologist.