Posted 23 декабря 2021,, 07:14

Published 23 декабря 2021,, 07:14

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

An emergency regime was announced in Ulan-Ude due to an accident at CHPP-1

An emergency regime was announced in Ulan-Ude due to an accident at CHPP-1

23 декабря 2021, 07:14
On the morning of December 23 at CHPP-1 in Ulan-Ude, smoke began to form due to the ignition of electrical wiring. Four boilers are disconnected. The damage amounted to more than 1 million rubles. Emergency situations of the republican level were introduced in the city.

As reported in the Investigative Committee for the region, who initiated a criminal case on the fact of the accident under the article on violation of security, a short circuit occurred, followed by a fire in the power wires in the cable compartment, which feeds the control panel. This led to the shutdown of four heating boilers and a turbine generator.

"According to the investigation, the fire in the electrical system in the cable compartment occurred as a result of violation of the safety requirements of Ulan-Ude heat and power plant No. 1, as a result of which large damage was caused in excess of one million rubles", - the department specified.

The prosecutor's office began its check.

Earlier it became known that five tanks with more than 300 tons of fuel oil were delivered to CHPP-1. In addition, the delivery of ten liquid fuel tanks was organized in the coming days. Additional supplies by road may be needed.

It's worth reminding that today in Ulan-Ude they promise up to minus 24 degrees during the day and up to minus 33 at night.