Posted 23 декабря 2021,, 07:17

Published 23 декабря 2021,, 07:17

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Moscow shelter with three thousand dogs is relocated to a garbage dump

Moscow shelter with three thousand dogs is relocated to a garbage dump

23 декабря 2021, 07:17
A team of volunteers through their Instagram page reported that the Kozhukhovsky municipal shelter was going to be relocated to the territory of the Malinki solid waste landfill.
Moscow region

As reported by"Mediazona" *, now there are 3000 dogs and 400 cats on the territory of the institution, and the shelter itself is located in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow (VAO). The place prescribed for the move is located 85 km from the current one - 41 km outside the Moscow Ring Road along the Kaluga highway.

“We demand to leave the shelter on the territory of the Eastern Administrative District and maintain transport accessibility both by personal and public transport”, - the volunteers said in a statement.

The text says that the shelter is under the jurisdiction of housing and communal services. It is reported that the transfer of the institution was ordered by Pyotr Byuryukov, "who covered Vera Petrosyan and the Bano EKO orphanages, against which criminal cases have now been opened".

Volunteers complain that the transfer will create several problems at once. Most volunteers will not be able to get to the shelter, and hundreds of dogs will be left without a walk. It is noted that it will be impossible to fully control feed, water and harvesting. In case of relocation, a team of doctors will leave the institution. It is also reported that the new location will be more difficult for potential animal owners to get to.

“All this will lead to the death of hundreds of dogs and cats”, - the team of volunteers said in an appeal.

Earlier it was reported that State Duma deputies approved in the first reading a bill introducing fines for cruelty to animals.

* - organizations are included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of NPOs performing the function of a foreign agent.