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A resident of London takes the subway every day to listen to the voice of her deceased husband

24 декабря 2021, 11:44
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Employees of the company serving the London Underground specially restored the recording with the voice of the person reading the ad so that his widow could hear it.

The amazing story told by the British media is being published by Russian bloggers. Those who have been to London ten years ago will probably remember the announcement "Mind the gap" (English: be careful when leaving), which is pronounced by the announcer when the train doors open on the next platform. This phrase was recorded back in 1950 by Londoner Oswald Lawrence. He died in 2003, and since then, his widow, Margaret McCollum, has been taking the subway every day just to hear his voice. Even if only one phrase.

It happened that at one point the owners of the London Underground decided to replace the voice of a living person with the voice of a robot. Then Margaret asked the transport workers for a cassette that had become unnecessary for them in order to listen to her husband's native voice at home. The employees were so moved by this request that they returned the good old announcement, though only at one station - Embankment, next to which the inconsolable widow lives. Now anyone can hear Oswald Lawrence and see Margaret McCollum to understand what true love is.