Posted 24 декабря 2021,, 06:50

Published 24 декабря 2021,, 06:50

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Covid passport in the form of a subcutaneous microchip was created by a Swedish company (VIDEO)

Covid passport in the form of a subcutaneous microchip was created by a Swedish company (VIDEO)

24 декабря 2021, 06:50
Фото: James Brooks/AP Photo
A grain of rice-sized implant that is inserted under the skin will allow you to carry your digital covid certificate with you. However, it cannot show the location of a person and is not a tracking device.

The invention belongs to the Swedish startup Dsruptive Subdermals, AFP reports . Their digital covid passport is a programmed, scannable 2mm x 16mm implant that is inserted directly under the skin. If you scan the chip with a smartphone, a PDF file appears on the screen, resembling an EU digital certificate, stating that the person has been vaccinated against coronavirus or has passed a negative covid test.

“This means that the covid passport is always available to me and to anyone who wants to check it”, - said Hannes Schoblad, managing director of Dsruptive Subdermals. “For example, if I go to a movie or a shopping center, they will be able to check my status there, even if I don’t have a phone”.

According to the developers, their chip is not a tracking device. “If you understand how these implants work, they don't have a battery. They cannot transmit a signal on their own and are mostly in a passive state, says Shoblad. "They will never be able to determine your location and are only activated when you touch them with your smartphone".

It does not need to be removed to update the information on the implant. It is enough to use the application in the phone to change the data. Such an implant costs 100 euros. Separately, Dsruptive Subdermals has created a chip implant that can measure body temperature and serve as a scannable temperature sensor.