Posted 24 декабря 2021, 07:29

Published 24 декабря 2021, 07:29

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Investigative Committee checks the publications of designer Artemy Lebedev about the relics of saints and Lenin

24 декабря 2021, 07:29
The Investigative Committee of Russia began checking the publications of designer Artemy Lebedev (pictured), in which he criticized people who worship the relics of saints. The designer's posts are checked for violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion (part 1 of article 148 of the Criminal Code).

This is reported by the "Moscow" agency, citing its own source in law enforcement agencies.

“We are checking information from the media about a possible violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion in Telegram. According to the available data, a statement about the holy relics was published on Lebedev's page in obscene expressions”, - the agency's interlocutor said.

The fact of the check is also confirmed by REN TV.

“Who should ***** [worry] about the leg, hand, tooth, hair of some saint? (Moreover, during their lifetime, all the saints were ordinary drunks and bosses of varying size)", - "Mediazona" * quotes the post of Lebedev.

The designer was outraged that “queues are lining up to kiss some box with Sergius of Radonezh's dandruff”. He also expressed bewilderment that “corpses are on display in the mausoleums”, and many people visit such places.

Earlier in Russia, VTsIOM conducted a poll in which 80% of respondents expressed themselves categorically against jokes about the church, and 69% of Russians consider jokes over the history of the country, including the period of the Russian Empire, the modern and Soviet periods, unacceptable.

* - organizations are included by the Ministry of Justice in the list of NPOs performing the function of a foreign agent.