Posted 24 декабря 2021, 13:39

Published 24 декабря 2021, 13:39

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The former head of construction supervision was sentenced to 18 years in the case of a fire in "Zimnyaya vishnya" shopping center

24 декабря 2021, 13:39
The court sentenced several more defendants in the case of a fire in the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center in Kemerovo. The former head of the State Construction Supervision of Kuzbass, Tanzilya Komkova, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and a fine of 80 million rubles.

Her son Eduard Komkov is sentenced to 10 years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 70 million, and her deputy, Svetlana Shengerey, is sentenced to seven years, RIA Novosti writes.

Nikita Cherednichenko, general director of ISK Resource, was also sentenced to 15 years. His company was involved in the renovation of a shopping center. Nikita Cherednichenko will also have to pay a fine of 70.5 million rubles.

As established by the investigation, the co-owner of the shopping center Vyacheslav Vishnevsky gave a bribe in the amount of seven million rubles to the head of the State Construction Supervision Service, her son and deputy. In return, they had to close their eyes to the reconstruction of this building in violation of the approved project. In particular, in the shopping center, automatic fire extinguishing systems were not installed on all floors, as it was envisaged in the project.

It's worth reminding that a fire in a shopping center occurred in March 2018. The fire broke out on the upper floors of the building, which housed a cinema and children's playrooms. The tragedy killed 60 people, most of them children.