Posted 27 декабря 2021,, 15:15

Published 27 декабря 2021,, 15:15

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Reading "Three Bears" by QR-code: parents told how "coding" gets into schools

Reading "Three Bears" by QR-code: parents told how "coding" gets into schools

27 декабря 2021, 15:15
“They're completely crazy!”, “Listen, they can't get away with this, they have to complain to the Ministry of Education!”, Write in the comments to the post of the Social and Political Movement “Parents' Union” on Instagram about the literature assignment that the second graders received in Sakhalin region.

The recording caused a storm of indignation, and you can understand why. Judge for yourself: the literature assignments for grade 2 pupils were “packed” into QR-codes, and accordingly, children will need to use smartphones to complete such a “homework”.

The children were invited to read the story of Nikolay Nosov "Living Hat" and the tale of Leo Tolstoy "Three Bears" by scanning the required QR code - of course, because digitalizers are afraid of rustling book pages like the devil of incense! Scanning the code is also required in order to familiarize yourself with the tests for the read.

Digitizers are more and more aggressively imposing their vision of what the school and the learning process should be like. The parental community is indignant, but it is as if no one hears these exclamations.

Let us recall you: in accordance with Article 44 "Rights, duties and responsibilities in the field of education of parents (legal representatives) of underage students" 273-FZ - only parents (legal representatives) choose the form of education and the form of education of the child.

Novye Izvestia scanned all four codes from the assignments: the site opens with the story "Living Hat", the site with "Three Bears", as well as the site with test questions.

“Here's another" joke "flew in from the parents. It's okay that this is grade 2 and, in an amicable way, it would be better not to give a smartphone to a child at all? What's happening? What about our education officials? Recently, there has been a feeling that their task is direct sabotage. Are they not at all able to hear parents and take into account the opinion of professional teachers? Where do these officials come from, who approve such assignments ?!".

Here is what the parents write about this (spelling and punctuation are preserved):

- Disgrace and madness. The school turns into a monster, whose goal is to corrupt and madden children. Parents, dear, do not sleep, demand the abolition of this outrage and the return of normal human programs and tasks !!! Disagree with this madness, sound the alarm, unite and knock on all doors. This cannot be allowed !!! Further it will be more terrible, as a snowball of disgrace will increase exponentially !!!

- To become familiar from an early age ( QR code - approx. "NI") and be the norm.

- So in the answers you need to draw Malevich's square. What a hello, such an answer!

- Listen, but you can't leave it like that. We must complain to the Ministry of Education, we must send it to the deputies. I'm shocked.

- We do not give the child a smartphone, we prohibit it, and here it is on you. What kind of officials have gone, do not think about the health of the nation, pretend that they are doing something.

- This all happens with our tacit consent ... Very, very sorry ...

- Parents, unite and agree and with the whole class Ignore any digital assignments!

- How could the school approve such a thing ?!

“They do what their masters tell them to do. We know who they are.

- They are slowly getting used to QR-codes...

- Morgenstern, 1st grade, played at our Christmas tree at the School...

- Get crazy. The further into the forest, the more terrifying.

- Probably, to answer this SO: “Dear Svetlana Ivanovna. We have completed your task. You can follow this code to find out the level of our self-education. We are sure you will get an unforgettable experience and learn a lot of new and interesting things both for yourself and for your teacher's career. And Quar on the Nuremberg Code of 1947 ".