Posted 27 декабря 2021,, 06:23

Published 27 декабря 2021,, 06:23

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To reach the metro station and not to die - this is the task that the new settlers of the "Lesoparkovy" residential complex solve

To reach the metro station and not to die - this is the task that the new settlers of the "Lesoparkovy" residential complex solve

27 декабря 2021, 06:23
Фото: Лина Вартанова
A completely wild situation has developed among Muscovites, who bought apartments in a new residential complex, which was built between the Moscow Ring Road and the Bitsevsky forest park.

Despite the two stations in the neighborhood - "Annino" and "Lesoparkovaya" - it is possible to reach them only at the risk of health and even life. At the same time, none of the officials wants to solve the problem.

Ivan Petrovsky

The photographs sent by Lina Vartanova, a resident of the Lesoparkovy residential complex, are like shots from a horror movie.

It is easy to imagine how on a cold December morning (or evening) you leave the house in the dark with a stroller and a baby.

Yes, you remember that when buying an apartment, the Ingrad developer promised you three minutes of direct access to the metro. And then another came - "E.K.Development" - he dug the pits of the foundations and fenced the construction site.

Yes, the path has grown a bit to accommodate the workaround. But then another fence appeared at a new construction site - a huge school. And a temporary pedestrian path covered with gravel took you around, past the eerie blackness of a wooded park on one side and a barbed wire fence on the other. Needless to say, with the onset of winter, no one cleans this path, that in spring and autumn it will turn into a mess of mud and puddles, because there are no storm drains. And here - you are with a stroller, where is not a bag of cement, but the most precious thing in life.

Yes, there are people in this desert landscape. But more often they are not neighbors in the stairwell or in the house, but rather difficult-to-predict behaviorally "working guests of Moscow" (they usually wait for minibuses to the migration center).

The long passage past the Moscow Ring Road also gives fullness to the dangerous adventure of a young mother with a baby in a stroller - if you don’t go deaf from the noise, then you’ll surely breathe all sorts of rubbish...

However, there are serious risks not only for mothers with children. For disabled people, old people and chronically ill people (from asthma to diseases of the musculoskeletal system) the way to the metro turns into a "road of life".

"We have been writing to all possible authorities since August, but we have received replies. Now we are writing a collective letter to the mayor. More than 900 signatures have already been collected. Please help us with publicity!", - calls on the editorial board Lina Vartanova.

As evidence, Lina also forwarded the answers of Moscow officials and developers. In fact, the residents of the housing estate have no one else to turn to - they have gone through the entire chain of responsible and irresponsible persons in Moscow.

Those who are interested in the details can read the photocopies. In which the main slogan of Moscow builders is clearly seen: "Difficulties for a while - at home (metro, roads, etc.) for centuries!"

Lina Vartanova's comrades unfortunately advise to be patient until the construction of the neighboring residential complex and the school is completed. Then, they say, new roads will open and the happiness necessary for the new settlers will come. After all, all these people with wheelchairs are not crazy if they demand to open passages on construction sites. Which of course is prohibited by current regulations.

The officials also think that the construction of a temporary gallery for pedestrians - from residential complexes to the subway - seems equally fantastically unrealistic. After all, a canopy with a hard surface under your feet is not like changing tiles every two years throughout the city. This, forgive me, is such a trifling matter that I don’t even want to speak, and not to force Ingrad to do such a humiliating little for the giant of the construction industry.

That is why only the mayor Sobyanin remained in the hopes of the residents of the residential complex - the complainants are sure that the kind Sergei Semenovich, who personally gives permission for the construction of new houses and entire districts, will find out about the atrocities of his subordinates and will order the construction of a gallery, if not before January 1, then even though would be before the Old New Year.

We are happy to announce the happy ending of this story.