Posted 29 декабря 2021, 16:14

Published 29 декабря 2021, 16:14

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11-year-old boy froze to death in the suburbs

29 декабря 2021, 16:14
Фото: shot
The body of an 11-year-old boy was found in the Moscow region. According to preliminary data, the child froze to death.
Moscow region

The mother of a second-grade student of a school for children with disabilities contacted the police on the evening of December 27, stating that her son left his home in Dubna and did not return, writes the SHOT telegram channel.

Volunteers and policemen were looking for the boy all this time, but they could not find him alive. Later, the boy's body was found in a ditch on the bypass road.

It's worth reminding that on December 27, in the Khabarovsk Territory, an ambulance driver saw a three-year-old child without clothes on the street in a 30-degree frost. He wrapped him in a jacket and took him to the hospital. The boy was diagnosed with frostbite of the feet.