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Published 30 декабря 2021,, 17:03

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The redistribution of coastal lands in the Kuban began with the massacre in Anapa

The redistribution of coastal lands in the Kuban began with the massacre in Anapa

30 декабря 2021, 17:03
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The Cossacks were invited to throw people away from the entrance to the administration, where the adoption of the new edition of the General Plan took place.

Resident of Anapa, who wanted to attend the meeting of the Council of Deputies, was kicked right on the porch. It was shown on TV at that time that people supported the redistribution of the Black Sea coastal zone for business development.

Yulia Suntsova

In Anapa, people trying to break through the guards to a meeting of the City Duma were beaten and kicked by Cossacks. The deputies on this day approved the General Plan, against which the public and the owners of private houses in the first coastal strip have openly protested in recent months.

Amendments to the main urban planning document will prohibit having individual residential buildings in the first 500 meters from the sea, now only rich people will be able to dispose of this land - who will build hotels, sanatoriums, cafes, restaurants, discos, etc. "Poor people's huts ", as one called them from local officials, over time, apparently, will simply be ousted from the coastline by administrative methods.

We have already written how in recent months public hearings on changes to the General Plan were held in several cities and villages of the Black Sea coast. On the agenda was the question of changing the category of land from "individual housing construction" to "recreational zone" and "public and business development".

Since autumn, in the resort cities of the Krasnodar Territory, people come out to protests of thousands to express disagreement with the plans of officials to seize their private properties. General plans are being edited despite the protests of the townspeople. Thousands of land plots in coastal areas have already been encumbered. People can no longer obtain permits for the construction and reconstruction of their houses and buildings, or sell land plots to anyone other than the municipal administration. The cadastral value of this land has fallen by half.

“They want to leave us here without land, without our homes. Just take everything and pick it up. Because they abroad, obviously, are no longer allowed to spend money. There are sanctions there, accounts can be arrested, there, like Deripaska's, they can be searched. And here it is not. And therefore, here this population has their "wreck huts", as Kondratyev says, must be demolished and taken back for themselves. In Russia, no one will take anything away from them. Got the whole plan?" - commented then a resident of Gelendzhik and blogger Denis Kharchenko.

Recall that in 2019, at the initiative of the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, amendments were made to the City Planning Code of the region. The coastal zone, where residential construction was prohibited, expanded from 300 to 500 meters. The amendments affected several municipalities: Sochi, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Yeisky, Primorsko-Akhtarsky, Slavyansky, Temryuksky, Tuapse and Shcherbinovsky districts. This spring, contracts for the development of new general plans were signed with contractors for Anapa, Armavir, Goryachy Klyuch and Gelendzhik.

On December 26, in the center of Anapa, about 200 people gathered at a popular gathering against changes in the general plan of the city. Two activists were detained there. Administrative protocols were drawn up against them for violating the procedure for holding public events.

“During the development of the general plan, more than 5000 suggestions and comments were received from the Anapchan people. Most of them are taken into account in the document", - the press service of the mayor's office reported.

On December 28, changes to the general plan of Anapa were adopted at an extraordinary session of the City Council. The amendments, which require the public to cancel, were packed into a beautiful name: “sustainable and balanced development of the resort for the next 20 years”. The residential area has been reduced from 8 million square meters to 1.7 million square meters.

Several dozen people in the morning of that day came to the administration building and tried to get to the parliamentary session.

“We just want the administration to hear us. There are twofold conversations: officials say - for you the [General Plan] was repainted, in fact, some plans are completely against us. The mayor promised to meet, but did not accept and did not convince that all this was being done for our sake. Nowhere is the new version of the general plan posted, we do not fully understand what is happening. We just want the IZhS zone to be left as it is", - said the woman at the gathering.

The young man noted that he came to the city council today to check whether the deputy would fulfill his order:

- We were at a reception with Natalia Sogonova, we made a promise from her that she would vote “against”. But today, before the meeting, they caught her, and she had already changed her mind, said that she would vote “for”. MP Balagurov said he would vote against.

The gathered residents noted that the beginning of the meeting was scheduled for 9 o'clock in the morning. The residents came to 8 o'clock in the morning, but the deputies outwitted them, and by 8 o'clock they had already gone to the administration building so as not to meet with the people's gathering.

- I went up to the Cossacks, asked: "What are you all doing here?" They answered: "We have a formation." Now everyone is sitting in the bushes and waiting for the command. Is this a construction? - the woman comments.

Several residents of Anapa came with written statements addressed to the chairman of the City Duma: “I ask you to add me to the list of those present at the session of the Council of Deputies“ On Amendments to the Master Plan of the City District ”. The secretaries advised them to do so. These applications for the month, November 28, were submitted to the City Duma officially through the office.

- We want to attend. To personally make sure that the deputies vote in accordance with our orders, people explained.

But in spite of all the procedures for “access” to the City Council meeting, people stumbled upon a “wall” of guards, which referred to a certain regulation that prohibited citizens from entering the building.

"You are now violating the Constitution of the Russian Federation!", "What law are you guided by, denying us entry?!', "We want to participate in the session!”, “God forbid, who are you, dear?!”, - people shouted to the guard who was fighting off the crowd. Unable to withstand the pressure, he fled inside the building to his colleagues, after which the main entrance of the administration was defended from the inside.

“Why is the administration closed today?” “Why can't we get into the administration? This is my Anapa, this is my house, I am a resident! ”,“ Open it! Start it up! ”,“ You have now put it on the guarantor of the Constitution. Is the president no one for you? ”,“ Here they are - the faces of traitors! A tribunal awaits you! " - the newcomers called out.

The crowd tried to squeeze into the doors, which were open at the width of an arm, but a group of guards beat them off.

At that moment, Cossacks appeared from the bushes, who grabbed a random man from the crowd, who was breaking through with others, knocked him down, began to beat and stampede.

“Shame on the Cossacks! What are you doing! Don't you care about the law ?! Are you on a business trip or something, not locals ?! Shame on you?! A shame!!! You are cowards, you are not Cossacks! Take off this uniform, don't dishonor it! You are clowns! You've sold your names! You are taking the land from your brothers and fathers! Whom are you guarding ?! " - the indignant people shouted in trembling voices.

In horror and confusion, they began to beat off their fellow countryman from the Cossacks and for some time forgot about their main goal. The session start time was skipped.

The Cossacks were calmly silent. With their bodies, they lined up a safety chain at the entrance to the administration building.

For another quarter of an hour, people walked around the entire building, trying to find other open doors. But they didn’t find it. The distraction maneuver worked ...

“The central channels are now showing that a session of deputies is taking place to adopt the General Plan. Admission to the meeting is free. Residents supported the new edition of the General Plan, ”- summed up one of the participants of the gathering.

28 deputies voted in favor of changes to the General Plan, two opposed.