Posted 30 декабря 2021,, 16:42

Published 30 декабря 2021,, 16:42

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

This is how quarantine violators in Jingxi, China were exposed to universal censure

30 декабря 2021, 16:42
The people who violated the isolation were hung with nameplates around their necks and led through the streets.

A video appeared on Twitter, in which, according to the author of the post, lockdown violators in the Chinese city of Jingxi are being taken through the streets for the edification of their compatriots, according to the New York Post. The photographs show four people wearing masks and protective suits, who allegedly violated strict isolation rules and were ostracized. Each is held by two police officers, while other law enforcement officers watch the procession with weapons in their hands.

According to the Guangxi News, the four have been caught transporting illegal migrants: Jingxi is located near the border with Vietnam, while the Chinese border has been closed due to the pandemic. The "parade" has become a "real warning" to the public and "a measure to prevent border crimes", according to local media reports.

The most tense situation remains in the city of Xi'an, where authorities are trying to stem the worst outbreak in 21 months in the country. On Tuesday, 175 new cases of the disease were registered in Xi'an - quite a bit by European standards, but on the eve of the Olympics, the Chinese authorities adhere to a "zero covid" policy. Xi'an officials told 13 million city dwellers on Monday that they are only allowed to leave their homes to attend another round of mass covid testing or in case of a medical emergency. Prior to the crackdown, one member of each family was allowed to go out every two days for groceries. Now, according to press reports, many townspeople are starving. Health and police officers are required to "strictly check" vehicles on the roads, and those who break the rules could face ten days in arrest and a 500 yuan ($ 78) fine.

In Beijing, authorities ordered the disinfection of open spaces, buildings and roads after 150 new cases were reported on Sunday and 155 on Saturday.