Posted 31 декабря 2021,, 10:04

Published 31 декабря 2021,, 10:04

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"This is not a gift, but a ration!" Ded Moroz* gave the children of Leninsk-Kuznetsky flour and rice

"This is not a gift, but a ration!" Ded Moroz* gave the children of Leninsk-Kuznetsky flour and rice

31 декабря 2021, 10:04
Children of the Siberian city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky received a strange food set instead of New Year's gifts.

The watch of New Year's idiocy at Kamensk-Uralsky was taken over by the Siberian city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky. If the Ural official emphasized the coming war in his congratulations to the townspeople and wished “everyone who is against us to die”, then the Siberian officials took a different path: they gave out to poor families fantastic New Year's gifts, suitable just for survival in that very war. One of the townspeople (on condition of anonymity, of course, otherwise they will be taken away) posted on social networks a photo of a food set that was given out at school to her schoolgirl daughter for the New Year and commented on it like this (author's spelling):

“Please publish the admin. Of course, this is not an emergency, but the mood is ruined! Received today at school, social, family, food set for the new year !! I don’t even know how to thank you for such help, for your attention to us, if not for this set, then they would definitely remain hungry for the holidays !!! But seriously, how is it not at all a shame to lay down such rubbish, before the new year, especially in a children's institution ???? They said to get it ... The child went after him, waiting for something tasty, and here you are. They reported that apparently in full, they laundered a lot of money, and they were definitely not allocated for this !! This crap, got out of the old bins, and sent to schools! Half a kilo of flour !! A pound of millet !! A pound of corn grits! And a pack of dark rice! It would be better if nothing at all! We didn't ask! It's just that the child is offended, why did she go at all ?? !! Of course, thanks for the handout !! Yes, so that you would be given such gifts and gifts, and you would eat and enjoy !! Happy New Year and you, gentlemen bureaucrats!!!! Anonymous, please! For the sake of the child! To the admin of sweet tangerines!!!"

It is not even the composition of the "New Year's gift" that is striking, but how the readers reacted to this post. Only a few of them supported the author:

“This is not a grocery set, sorry. This is a mix for feeding fish. And I'm sorry for the author ... "

The overwhelming majority condemned the mother, calling her ungrateful and invited her to give food to those who really need it:

- Here we do not get anything, I have 2 children and so that they would have holidays and everything else, I work and my husband is on duty. Just complain about the grocery and mat. help. This is HELP. Nobody took it upon themselves to support your family, except you. Do not wait for manna from heaven. All children are the same, only some parents expect more tasty help, while others act and strive ...

- Did you yourself understand what you are writing? In the 1990s, our mothers would love these products! Some kind of crap! This world will be saved only by a global catastrophe (God forbid this to happen)!

- This is most likely not a gift, but a ration for a distance. And about gifts - I have two both in the gardens and in schools - we donated ourselves for gifts, and even those with many children (5 children) also donate and there is no help for them.

- Who asked you to give birth to these children? Gave birth, so bring up and not noah. Nobody owes you anything. You have to think with your own head. Otherwise, the state owes you everything. You yourself give birth to poverty, now you whine. You have to rely on your strength. Everyone is crying, shame. What, so children, you yourself had to think!

* Ded Moroz* is Russian Santa Claus