Posted 1 января 2022, 11:36

Published 1 января 2022, 11:36

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More than a dozen Muscovites were injured because of careless handling of pyrotechnics on the New Year's Eve

1 января 2022, 11:36
Several Muscovites received injuries and burns due to careless handling of pyrotechnics on New Year's Eve.
Moscow region

This was reported to Interfax on January 1 by a source familiar with the situation.

According to the source, more than 10 people have suffered from firecrackers, fireworks and other pyrotechnics in Moscow. The condition of several victims who had to be hospitalized is assessed as satisfactory or moderate.

Recall that before the New Year, the Moscow authorities installed 62 specialized areas for salutes and fireworks precisely in order to minimize the number of safety violations.

As "NI" wrote earlier, such a measure is long overdue. Misfortunes on New Year's Eve happen with enviable regularity, so on New Year's holidays reinforced outfits of firefighters take over on duty. In Moscow, for example, every sixth fire brigade employee meets New Year's Eve at the service.

Fires in apartments have also become an attribute of the New Year. Most often, Christmas trees are lit. But most of all injuries and injuries from New Year's pyrotechnics: burned hands and feet, eye injuries, burns to the face and even severed fingers. Often firecrackers explode in hands, and rockets fly at people. By the way, the charge of the most powerful firecrackers on the market today reaches 70 grams in TNT equivalent. For comparison: there is less TNT in the F-1 grenade. That is why sellers of pyrotechnics advise not to hold firecrackers in their hands when setting fire to. Any pyrotechnic product in a confined space is a small grenade, the sellers explain.