Posted 4 января 2022, 10:41

Published 4 января 2022, 10:41

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40 days since the explosion at the Listvyazhnaya mine: the memory of the dead miners was honored in Kuzbass

4 января 2022, 10:41
Mourning events were held in Kuzbass in memory of those killed at the Listvyazhnaya mine. Exactly 40 days have passed since the tragedy at the mine, during which 51 people died.

According to the Kuzbass State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, it is planned to erect a memorial in the region in memory of the perished miners and rescuers. The place of installation of this monument, as well as the project itself, will be discussed with the relatives of the victims after the New Year holidays, the channel notes.

Let us remind you that the tragedy at the Listvyazhnaya mine took place on November 25. At the time of the accident, there were 285 workers underground. Most of them managed to rise to the surface. As a result of the accident, 46 miners and five mine rescuers were killed. In total, over a hundred people were injured in the mine accident.

The tragedy occurred as a result of a methane explosion. There were two of them - the first when there were only miners in the mine, the second when rescuers arrived at the scene.

After the incident, criminal cases were initiated. The director of the mine, his deputy, chief engineer, head of the emergency site, as well as employees of Rostekhnadzor, who were checked at the mine on the eve of the accident, but did not find any violations, were arrested.

The wives of the deceased miners claim that safety problems at this mine were hushed up by the management before. After the incident at Listvyazhnaya, checks were launched at other mines as well.