Posted 4 января 2022,, 15:02

Published 4 января 2022,, 15:02

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The first costs of the New Year holidays: the country is losing people and money

The first costs of the New Year holidays: the country is losing people and money

4 января 2022, 15:02
New Year's holidays do not end well for everyone. On average, 18,000 more Russians die in January than in any other month. The majority of deaths are caused by party drinking. About 70% of deaths occur in the first days of the new year. The onset of 2022 confirmed this sad statistic.

Irina Mishina

Four people suffered from surrogate alcohol in Reutov and Balashikha near Moscow. Three of them died.

On January 2, in one of the apartments in Balashikha, the body of a man was found without signs of violent death; his acquaintance was hospitalized unconscious. A whole canister of alcohol-containing liquid was seized from the apartment. As it became known, the man bought three cans of alcohol and gave them to the family from Reutov. He later poisoned himself and was hospitalized. The family from Reutov also suffered: the man died in the toilet, and his wife was sent to the hospital, where she died. In the Zarya microdistrict in Balashikha, they also found the corpse of a man who had been poisoned by surrogate alcohol.

It is also reported that three people were poisoned by surrogate alcohol in Ulan-Ude, two of them died.

There are also tragicomedies. A 37-year-old resident of Tver died when he tried to go down for vodka from a 10th-floor window. He made a rope out of the sheets, but it fell off. He could not go out through the door, because his wife locked him in the apartment so that he would sober up.

Everyone drinks on New Year's holidays, even the stars of the screen. In Gatchina, the police detained 26-year-old actress of the series "Boys" Regina Kolupaeva, who is suspected of attacking her own mother with a knife. The girl was in a state of deep intoxication. Her wounded mother was hospitalized. Regina Kolupaeva took part in the first season of the show. Then she talked about herself that she was fond of cars, knew how to drive dump trucks and was worried that she was not behaving femininely, which prevented her from establishing her personal life.

The cause of most deaths in early January this year is not covid or ARVI. As noted experts, the cause of most deaths in alcohol. Experts note that in January there is also a significant increase in alcoholic psychoses in a number of large cities and regions of the country (Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Chita and Crimea).

By the way, on New Year's holidays due to alcohol the country loses not only people, but also money. The Association of Narcologists of Russia has calculated how mortality from alcohol affects the country's economy. If you believe the data of this Association, the average Russian drinks a glass of vodka every day on New Year's holidays. If he refuses at least half of this glass, then every year the country will save 56 billion of budgetary money. Approximately this is the cost of the Federation spacecraft, which Roskosmos intends to send in flight in 2022.