Posted 5 января 2022,, 09:40

Published 5 января 2022,, 09:40

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Residents of Kostroma want to arrange lynching the murderers of a five-year-old girl

Residents of Kostroma want to arrange lynching the murderers of a five-year-old girl

5 января 2022, 09:40
Several dozen residents of Kostroma gathered outside the dormitory, where the body of a five-year-old girl was found. People do not disagree, suggesting that the murder suspects are still in the building. Law enforcement agencies carry out investigative actions with them.

The published footage on social networks shows the cordoned off building by law enforcement officers. Several of them guard the entrance to the building. Special vehicles are on duty at the hostel.

On the morning of January 5, local residents brought flowers and toys to the doorstep of the hostel in memory of the deceased girl.

Let us remind you that two unknown persons kidnapped a five-year-old child in front of passers-by. The girl walked on January 4 near the building of the House of Culture on Severnaya Pravda Street, where her mother worked. Two people approached her, took her in their arms and carried her away in an unknown direction. The moment of the abduction was filmed by surveillance cameras.

Law enforcement agencies quickly launched a search for the child, but they could not find him alive. The girl's body was found in the hostel. The criminals raped her and then stabbed her to death.

The suspects in the murder of the child were detained. They have already confessed to the murder. Telegram channel "112" reports that 44-year-old pedophile-recidivist Denis Gerasimov has been arrested. He was previously convicted of rape and distribution of pornography, local prosecutors said. As the channel notes, he was released in March last year. He was under administrative supervision.

His accomplice was 24-year-old Vadim Belyakov, previously convicted of stealing money from a bank account.