Posted 7 января 2022,, 13:04

Published 7 января 2022,, 13:04

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Nikolay Platoshkin: "Without the decision of the Federation Council, the entry of Russian troops into Kazakhstan is illegal"

Nikolay Platoshkin: "Without the decision of the Federation Council, the entry of Russian troops into Kazakhstan is illegal"

7 января 2022, 13:04
Nikolay Platoshkin gave Andrey Karaulov's YouTube channel a detailed commentary on the situation in Kazakhstan.

“So, the President of Kazakhstan, still Tokayev, appealed to the countries participating in the Collective Security Treaty with a request to send troops to Kazakhstan.

What is this organization? This includes Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan itself, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. An agreement was signed in 1992.

This means that Tokayev refers to Article 4 of this treaty, where it is written that aggression against one of the CSTO member states is aggression against others and, accordingly, they help.

But now let's figure it out: what is aggression, strictly speaking?

This means that the charter of the United Nations Organization, which Russia signed, and Kazakhstan, too, yes, provides for the right of the state to resist aggression - independently or through collective defense.

And what "aggression" is - was defined by the same United Nations Organization. I will note - on the initiative of the Soviet Union.

And it was in the resolution of the General Assembly in 1974. The Soviet Union itself asked to clearly define what it is - "aggression." So, attention, it is clearly written: Aggression is an attack by one state on another state. Everything is clear. And now the question arises: what state, in fact, attacked Kazakhstan?

Again, I will note, yesterday, Mr. Peskov, Putin's press secretary, what did you say? That the events in Kazakhstan are an internal affair of Kazakhstan, there is nothing to interfere there, and so on.

Now all of a sudden we hear exactly the opposite things.

And what, in fact, has changed since then? I do not understand.

Tokayev, who at first called his people hooliganism, says that he, Tokayev, was attacked by gangs of terrorists trained in other countries.


More precisely, nothing good, of course.

In what countries?

Kazakhstan has the most borders with the Russian Federation.

Is this Tokayev hinting that the gangs have come from us? Hardly, right?

Next is the largest border with China. Let Tokayev tell how China cooked, sent all these gangs. It doesn't roll either, does it?

Further it is Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Did these gangs come from there?

I want to say that the unrest began, as, by the way, in 2011, in Kazakhstan, in the extreme West of the republic, in the Mangistau region, in Aktau, the former Shevchenko.

Well, excuse me, the gangs, in order to get through, from Kyrgyzstan or from China, I don't know, they have to hobble a few thousand kilometers in some way, you know.

Let Tokayev tell all this.

So far, there is absolutely no data to support this.

And finally, the very nature of the unrest in Kazakhstan: haphazard.

The fact that no one, as it were, takes responsibility for them, the fact that no centralized demands are put forward, just testifies that these unrest has no center.

And, again, also Tokayev himself, what did he say yesterday? What is to blame for the unrest the government of Kazakhstan, which made a rash decision to double the price of liquefied gas.

The question arises: does it mean that some gangs were trained in other countries and were waiting for the decision of the government of Kazakhstan, or what?

That is, these gangs, are they somehow connected with the government that Tokayev himself appointed?

Well, to everyone, in my opinion, this complete insanity is obvious.

Naturally, in these cases, the introduction of CSTO troops into the territory of Kazakhstan is absolutely illegal.

Because the fact of aggression of another state against Kazakhstan has not yet been established.

And we, as Russians, who support our army and send our sons there, are obliged to know about this.


The decision to send the troops of the Russian Federation abroad, for any reason, is made only by the Federation Council. That is, the Federation Council should convene, in this case, if an incorrect, in my opinion, decision to send troops is suddenly made, the Federation Council should convene at a meeting and give the president the authority to send troops.

Note: this was the case in March 2014, when the situation in Ukraine escalated. The Federation Council met, gave permission for the introduction of troops, for a certain time. Then he got ready again and said: that's it, the need has disappeared, we are withdrawing this permission.

Where is all this? It is not visible yet.

Without this - without a decision of the Federation Council, without clear evidence that we are talking about the aggression of another foreign power against Kazakhstan, the introduction of Russian troops into Kazakhstan, either independently or within the framework of the CSTO, is illegal.

I want to emphasize this: both from the point of view of the Russian Constitution and from the point of view of international law".

You can listen to Nikolay Platoshkin's commentary in full here.