Posted 7 января 2022,, 13:30

Published 7 января 2022,, 13:30

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

The lesson of the Kazakh revolt: everyone needs cash!

The lesson of the Kazakh revolt: everyone needs cash!

7 января 2022, 13:30
The past days of the Kazakh uprising (riot, protests) unambiguously showed a simple truth: if any emergency happens, the Internet, electricity is cut off, ALL "digital" money and transfers from phones and cards become blocked, and trade and services are switched to the "cash" regime.

Yes, gentlemen, digitizers, your sweet trills about the incredible convenience of non-cash payments, about the dangers of paper bills, which either drag out the pockets or collect the most harmful viruses on themselves, have crumbled to dust in the endless steppe expanses of Kazakhstan.

Yes, in this Central Asian republic there are also many young people who flaunted digital payments for everything and everyone, turned out their pockets empty of money, showing how modern and advanced they are in the direction of the latest technologies.

But now social networks with bewilderment and resentment are exploding with complaints that you can't buy a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread. And after all, electricity in Alma-Ata and other cities did not seem to be turned off, but mobile communications and the Internet were cut off for sure. But banks are also closed there, and some are seized and plundered along with ATMs and servers ...

And what do you order people to do?

It's simple: keep cash at home! Since we live in such unpredictable countries in terms of evergreen "stability".

By the way, the threat of losing everything and, first of all, oneself, hangs over the holders of digital passports and other ku-ar codes. If there is a riot or just a riot - and they will never prove to the street patrols who they are, in fact, and where they came from in the rebellious spaces.