Posted 10 января 2022,, 12:00

Published 10 января 2022,, 12:00

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A world is meant for the oil-wells, not the huts! CSTO troops are more than enough for the huge Kazakhstan

10 января 2022, 12:00
Юрий Солозобов
In the modern world, the occupation of the entire "disobedient" country is not at all necessary; it is enough only to maintain "pinpoint order" at the objects vital for the occupiers.

Yuri Solozobov, political analyst

Dear Alexander Filippov asks himself a good question in the cart - five thousand bayonets will be enough to reason with the shaken local security forces, but this is clearly not enough for a full-fledged occupation of a large territory. What to do?

Here the occupation is implicitly understood in the spirit of post-war Yalta and the lamp police state. Friendly patrols in the streets, no massive violence and looting, grateful locals at the field kitchens. But this is the essence of a false dilemma, as I noted earlier. See "Unrecognized Eurasia, Logos, 2004" or an article in RJ.

Today, external influence does not waste energy on restoring the ruins of the previous order, but only fixes its collapse. Or even further ruins - transfers the unfortunate inhabitants, from their point of view, into a much wilder state. And from the point of view of an external observer, nothing has changed - oil is also pumped, uranium is mined, money comes to London, and yachts to Nice. “A world for wells, not huts” (tm).

Just think, these Papuans! They are called there either Bushmen, or dromedaries, who knows these zhuzes. Well, Beirut was once a showcase of dolce vita, it was even called the Paris of the Middle East. Well, they broke the window, it happens. Then they scored them with plywood? The natives gasped and got used to it, they found it convenient - you don't need to wash it. We began to glue our ads on plywood. “Massage and sex services. Selling a kidney. I will hand over the children into the good hands. Inexpensive”, and so on.

And the pinpoint order - in industrial facilities and export terminals - is maintained by a small group of armed Schubert connoisseurs on an armored car. Two to ten thousand musicians per African country like Cali. So there will be enough reserve for Khykhstan and Khakhastan and other countries.

There is more order for big business and less costs than under the damned regime - French cultural imperialism. There is no need to spend money on pseudo-European polish, on schools and hospitals for the natives, to teach the masses the European language, and the native elites at the Sorbonne. Optimization of the structures for the development and removal of detected. It is in this context that one should think

Upd. This post is alarmist and expresses the author's personal and purely philosophical concern about the fate of Northern Eurasia. Not a militaristic call or guide to action.

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