Posted 10 января 2022,, 08:57

Published 10 января 2022,, 08:57

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Drunk party instead of surgery: the dying patient did not get the help of doctors, but got around to make a video

10 января 2022, 08:57
In a Lesosibirsk hospital, a dying patient did not waited in vain for the help of doctors. Before his death, he managed to shoot a video about what the doctors were doing at that time - the doctors made a booze in the workplace, holding a New Year's corporate party.

According to Mash, the patient needed urgent surgery, but no one came to him for a long time. After that, he heard the sounds of celebration, and went to find out what was the matter. At this time, doctors celebrated the New Year's corporate party right at the workplace.

The source reports that, according to preliminary data, the patient died in the hospital without waiting for help. Before that, he sent the video to his relatives.

Later, additional information appeared, which was reported by the correspondents of Prospekt Mira. According to the source, a 56-year-old resident of Lesosibirsk, Sergey R., died on January 5 at 20:40. The video was filmed by the wife of the deceased at 22:56 through the window of the staff room, because she was not allowed to enter the hospital.

“We called the hospital for hours, they didn’t give us any information about the condition of our father, we just hung up”, - said the son of the deceased, Eduard.

According to Prospekt Mira, the relatives of the deceased appealed to the prosecutor's office.

“We do not yet know what happened there and from what exactly the father died, but it is definitely impossible to behave like this in the workplace, to drink alcoholic beverages”, - Eduard told the correspondent.

Sergei was admitted to the hospital on December 25 due to intestinal problems, after which he underwent five operations. His condition worsened, but relatives say the doctors did not provide them with details about the patient's condition.

“Mom was allowed to see his father only after the first operation, then they were referred to quarantine”, - Eduard said.

He also specified that the relatives will find out the cause of his father's death after the holidays.

The local health ministry told Prospekt Mira correspondents that the feast and the patient's death were not related.

"Nevertheless, the Ministry of Health will conduct a thorough check of everything that happens during this period in the medical institution, including the quality of the medical care provided," the department said.

At the moment, the head physician of the hospital does not answer calls, and the window to the staff room, through which the wife of the deceased filmed the video, is already curtained. Farewell to Sergei took place yesterday, as reported by the local group "We Grieve "Lesosibirsk"".