Posted 10 января 2022,, 13:37

Published 10 января 2022,, 13:37

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

For work on New Year's holidays, doctors were promised 12 thousand rubles in average

For work on New Year's holidays, doctors were promised 12 thousand rubles in average

10 января 2022, 13:37
All doctors who were on duty on New Year's holidays will receive an average of 12 thousand rubles as compensation for going out on non-working days, journalists calculated.

The funds will begin to be credited as early as January 10, the newspaper notes.

The order on payments for medical workers for work on New Year's holidays was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in December last year. According to the decree, all doctors and ambulance workers who went to work between December 31 and January 9 will receive an increased shift pay. And those who work with coronavirus patients - double the amount due.

So, doctors in covid hospitals were paid extra for each exit at 3.8 thousand rubles per shift, ambulance drivers - 1.2 thousand. On average, this is about two thousand rubles. For going to work during the New Year holidays, the amount of additional payment should be doubled, that is, on average, up to four thousand. Each doctor went to work at least three shifts during the New Year holidays. Thus, the additional payment for this period of work should, on average, be 12 thousand rubles, the journalists of the publication calculated.

Recall that last year , almost 50 billion rubles were allocated from the government reserve fund for social payments to medical workers who work with coronavirus patients. Doctors were promised allowances of 70 thousand rubles, nurses - 50 thousand, nurses and other employees - 30 thousand. At the same time, not everyone managed to get this payment. For example, in the Kamchatka Territory, doctors were underpaid for work with patients with coronavirus about 200 million rubles.