Posted 10 января 2022,, 12:48

Published 10 января 2022,, 12:48

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This is how we celebrated the New Year... In Moscow, the incidence of covid is rapidly growing again

This is how we celebrated the New Year... In Moscow, the incidence of covid is rapidly growing again

10 января 2022, 12:48
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After the New Year holidays, the rate of spread of the disease again reached catastrophic proportions, and mortality began to grow. The reason is numerous New Year's gatherings in cafes, restaurants, visits to shopping centers, cinemas and visits, in spite of any warnings from doctors.

As the experts warned, immediately after the New Year holidays in Moscow, pandemic numbers rose, and again to catastrophic proportions: on the days from Thursday to Saturday - immediately by 43% against Thursday-Saturday of the pre-holiday week. And therefore, the coefficient indicates the speed of the spread of the coronavirus has risen to 1.67, which is even faster than it was last fall. In addition, mortality also began to grow, albeit a little so far, but for the first time since the beginning of December. Experts do not yet know for sure whether this is still the Delta strain, or already Omicron. According to official statistics, the picture is as follows:

In just a week in Moscow :

  • Sick cases - 18.0 thousand (+ 16.6%)
  • Deceased - 488 (+ 0.2%)
  • Hospitalized - 5.0 thousand (+ 6.2%)
  • On mechanical ventilation - 469 (-9.6%)
  • Active cases - 126.6K (+ 1.4%)

Outside Moscow :

  • Sick patients - 94.9K (-27.3%)
  • Deaths - 5157 (-11.3%)
  • The number of active cases - 521.2 thousand (-9.9%)

As you can see, growth is observed in the capital. The reason for this is very clear: New Year's parties. One such was witnessed by network analyst Andrey Nalgin:

“Imagine a typical Moscow pub on a Friday night, when there is literally nowhere for an apple to fall in the hall. Now mentally double the number of tables - so that you have to squeeze sideways between - and triple the number of visitors at each of them. And then multiply everything by two again. This will be a rough description of what was happening: a little more than herring in barrels, but still less than in a metro car at rush hour..."

Needless to say, no one had or observed any masks, QR codes, or social distance. But there were a great many such parties in the capital...

At the same time, the incidence in the province continues to fall, however, according to last year's experience, experts expect a reversal in a couple of weeks. Metropolitan medicine is again working with overstrain. Have a walk!

Nalgin notes that information about Omicron is still different. Some believe that this strain looks more like a natural vaccine, since the mortality rate from it is low, others sound the alarm about its high infectivity and increased hospitalization. For example, in America, Omicron is already in the lead, and the number of daily deaths has grown since the beginning of the year by almost 25%...

In all likelihood, the fourth wave of covid did not become the last...