Posted 11 января 2022,, 17:00

Published 11 января 2022,, 17:00

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A "serial vaxxer" who got 12 anti-covid vaccines caught in India

A "serial vaxxer" who got 12 anti-covid vaccines caught in India

11 января 2022, 17:00
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The 84-year-old retiree said he "wanted to feel stronger and to get rid of joint pain." He succeeded: after the injections, the painful sensations that tormented him for eight years really passed.

Indian authorities have caught Brakhamdev Mandal, an 84-year-old retiree who has been tricked into receiving a dozen anti-covid vaccines in 11 months, according to the Daily Mail, citing the BBC. Moreover, he made two vaccines with an interval of half an hour on the same day.

The ex-postman explained that he wanted to feel stronger during the pandemic, and the numerous injections really relieved him of the joint pain he had been experiencing for eight years. “My oxygen levels have improved and I have never caught a cold since I started getting vaccinated”, - Mandal said.

The serial vaxxer faced a number of charges, including for fraud using someone else's identity cards. Authorities have launched an investigation into how he was able to defraud the health care system.

Despite this number of vaccinations, doctors believe that there will be no serious consequences for the patient's health. Typically, reactions like fever, headache, and aches occur after the first and second doses. Further doses are painless.

The Indian retiree is not the first person who got vaccinated against covid multiple times. A similar case happened in New Zealand: in December last year, a man received 10 doses of the vaccine in one day after being paid to do so by the anti-vaxxers who needed the certificates about the vaccination and who provided him with their IDs.