Posted 11 января 2022,, 16:50

Published 11 января 2022,, 16:50

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Alexander Vasiliev: "New fashion contributes to the reduction of humanity"

Alexander Vasiliev: "New fashion contributes to the reduction of humanity"

11 января 2022, 16:50
In an interview on the Empathy Manuchi YouTube channel, fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev said that before our very eyes a plan to reduce the birth rate on the planet is being implemented, and unisex in fashion is one of the ways to influence the attraction between the sexes.

At the same time, the fashion historian noted that, in general, what is happening on the social plane - we are talking about strengthening external control over the life of each person - is a "wonderful evolution."

“Now people have a mask covering their face, no smile, no flirting. No joyful communication - just eyes.

We no longer see: crooked teeth, straight, whether a nice person, whether charming. A smile, on the other hand, shows a person's charm.

And since we do not need so many people on earth ... This is what annoys. I read the comments: they write - "why Vasiliev thinks ..." And because it is!

There are a lot of us. We poop a lot and eat a lot. We litter a lot. They want to clean up us, without a war.

Because there is only one option: either to bombard with bombs, which will destroy a lot of the earth's wealth, or to promote other forms of physiological relationships - same-sex marriage, for example, or to make people dislike each other.

Because men are usually excited when they see a beautiful dress, woman's legs, stockings, heels, manicurist ... Playfulness appears.

And what kind of playfulness in a tracksuit? Well, a sack is a sack. Sits to himself, and sits.

When she looks just like a girl on the train, I'm not saying that they can't have an affair - maybe, but the chances are noticeably less than that of 20th century fashion, when there was flirtation and sexual overtones.

Today, there is only one sexual subtext: they opened the butt or closed the butt, opened their breasts or closed their breasts.

But the bacteriological situation forces people not to open too large areas of the body.

... They would dream - we call them "they" in quotation marks, because we do not know them by name, who these people are - that there would be a billion people on the planet.

I think these are the tycoons of politics, economics and the electronics industry in the world.

I think that, of course, these are more people living in the United States. I think Gates maybe. Maybe Trump. But I can't say for sure, it's a finger to the sky, "oh, Vasiliev invented!"

They think they are doing a good deed.

It’s not out of spite. They are confident that there are many of us and all this must be reduced. Too much fertility, too many children, too much consumption, and especially the consumption of fashion.

You know, fashion is wild harm, not good.

This is the # 2 industry for littering the space of the Earth. Why do we need this? So many clothes have been produced! And they tell us: buy a new one, buy a new one, buy a new one!

I only want people to wear vintage. I am in favor of people buying vintage. Or worn out their own.

... You should be aware that children are not born without sex.

Therefore, if we press on asexuality all the time, the population will not continue and multiply. But that's part of the goal. The new fashion is very beneficial (for those who promote the reduction of the birth rate - approx. "NI") .

... We must absolutely enjoy life. Continue to live a happy, fulfilling life.

I, of course, may be a bad example, but for myself I am a great example.

I travel a lot, I see a lot of interesting people. I try to read, I try to watch, I try to visit.

I try not to limit myself. Although the opportunities - here it is not about finances - and even those aspirations that I had earlier, they have become much less. But we shouldn't be afraid of this.

We must continue to live. Contrary to everything. Because everything comes to an end.

Human life. The rules. But this must be lived through.

And those people who think that if we now rally and go to Bolotnaya Square, “they will cancel it” - nothing will be canceled. I am absolutely against these decisions.

I am sure that now it is a model of the whole world. And now the formation of a new structure of the world is taking place in front of us. The collapse of the capitalist system and a new form, which we have not yet named, which consists in the fact that most people will play a small social role and will live within the framework of only their apartment. Will not go anywhere.

Any waste of people will be checked.

As already there are memes on the Internet: "I want to order myself ..." - "You are living beyond your means," says the computer. "You can't buy yourself Parmesan cheese." "Well, then I have to go out and buy some milk." - "You bought milk yesterday, what did you do with the bottle?"

This is true. This will be complete control over human needs.

This will happen in two or three years.

And there will be other people, more privileged, perhaps such as you or me, or others, I am not saying that you and I are better or worse in some way - who will have more opportunities.

I'm not scared absolutely.

I think this is a wonderful evolution.

I am very happy with everything that is happening. "

The entire episode with the participation of Alexander Vasiliev can be viewed here.