Posted 12 января 2022,, 08:27

Published 12 января 2022,, 08:27

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Final brace: website "Ritual" sell coffins "Patriot" made in Ukraine

Final brace: website "Ritual" sell coffins "Patriot" made in Ukraine

12 января 2022, 08:27
Фото: Ритуал
Model "Patriot" with Russian symbols, made by Ukrainian craftsmen from valuable wood species and costs more than half a million rubles.

A truly phenomenal gift awaits all patriots standing at the grave board on the website of the RCC Moscow ritual service "Ritual". These are coffins with such a pleasant name that caresses even a moribund soul - "Patriot". The only thing that can confuse citizens who are going to go to such a work of coffin art is the price: as much as 571,200 rubles. But there is good news: when ordering on the site, future happy owners of the coffin get a 10% discount!

Well, the rest of the money, perhaps, will be collected by other patriots who are still going to live.

Tsimes is that this last living area was made by Ukrainian craftsmen, that is - conscientiously and with love!

It remains only to regret that import substitution has not yet reached the coffin business ...