Posted 12 января 2022,, 07:22

Published 12 января 2022,, 07:22

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Krasnoyarsk doctors, who had a booze next to a dying man, were "punished" with a reprimand

12 января 2022, 07:22
Officials of the Krasnoyarsk Ministry of Health reprimanded the participants in the New Year's corporate party in a hospital in Lesosibirsk, who staged a booze instead of helping a dying patient.

According to RIA Novosti , the doctors were reprimanded after checking their behavior. Checking the quality of medical care in the Lesosibirsk hospital began after a video filmed by a dying patient appeared on the Web.

Earlier it was reported that a patient in Lesosibirsk died without waiting for the help of doctors. The doctors who were at the workplace were very busy: they had a New Year's corporate party. They drank and laughed and had fun.

A seriously ill 56-year-old patient, Sergei R., was taken to the hospital and needed urgent surgery due to intestinal problems. But the doctors were in no hurry to help him, as they drank directly at the workplace.

Hearing the sounds coming from the doctors' feast, the patient filmed what was happening and sent the footage to his family. After that, he passed away. Some media outlets wrote that it was not the patient himself who filmed the video through the window of the resident's office, but his wife, who was not allowed to enter the hospital, citing quarantine. Journalists believe that at the time the video was filmed, the patient was probably already dead for three hours, but none of the doctors notified the patient's wife, who was standing under the window hoping to get at least some information about his condition. Filming is dated late January 5th.

The son of the deceased, Eduard, complained to reporters that when he called the hospital to find out about his father's condition, they did not tell him anything - they just hung up. The relatives of the deceased, outraged by this attitude of the doctors, turned to the prosecutor's office. They demanded to conduct a detailed check of the reasons for the death of the patient and said that in any case, drunkenness of doctors in the workplace was absolutely unacceptable.

The head doctor of the hospital declined to comment on the incident. At the same time, the doctors hurried to curtain the window of the staff room, through which the shooting of their New Year's drinking took place. The Ministry of Health of the Territory told reporters that the drunkenness of doctors in the workplace and the death of a patient were allegedly "unrelated".