Posted 12 января 2022,, 15:58

Published 12 января 2022,, 15:58

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Three people were injured in St. Petersburg in a fight provoked by the introduction of QR-codes (VIDEO)

12 января 2022, 15:58
The police in St. Petersburg began checking the incident that occurred between the visitors and the security guard of the St. Petersburg shopping and entertainment center due to the introduction of QR-codes.

According to Interfax , the incident happened in the Okhta Mall shopping and entertainment center in St. Petersburg. A video of the incident appeared on the web. The footage shows that a family of three came to the mall: a father, a mother and a minor son.

At the entrance, a verbal skirmish began between the visitors and the guard, which ended in a fight.

"According to preliminary information, the hassle is connected with QR-codes", - the message says.

The publication notes that the participants in the fight were a father, a son of 14 years old and a security guard. As a result of the collision, they were all injured. The child suffered the most. The footage from the scene shows how the teenager receives a strong blow to the head from the security officer and falls to the floor at the entrance to the store.

According to RIA Novosti, a teenager with a traumatic brain injury was hospitalized.

For the boy, the trip to the store ended up in a hospital bed in the neurosurgery department.

Now the security forces are examining the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier, a security guard of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg broke a visitor's nose because of a QR code.

The decision on the mandatory presentation of QR-codes when visiting catering establishments, shopping malls and non-food stores was made by the authorities of St. Petersburg. The innovation is valid from January 2.

To get the coveted code, you need to be vaccinated against covid or present a certificate of medical exemption from vaccination with a negative PCR valid for two days.

Without QR codes, you can only visit catering establishments in hotels intended only for guests, as well as canteens at enterprises, train stations and airports. The exception also applies to pharmacies, gas stations, stores selling non-food essential goods and stores without a sales floor.

The decision to introduce new restrictive measures is taken by the regional authorities against the background of the spread of the South African strain of covid "omicron", which is particularly infectious. Omicron has already been identified in more than 110 countries. In Russia, 698 cases have been confirmed, most of them in the Moscow region. But in the near future it may oust the “delta”, which is dominant in most countries. In a number of subjects, the incidence of covid due to omicron may increase several times in the near future. To stop the pandemic, the authorities are urging citizens to get vaccinated.