Posted 13 января 2022,, 12:13

Published 13 января 2022,, 12:13

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In Italy, anti-vaxxers pay 140 euros for a dinner in the company of a patient with covid

In Italy, anti-vaxxers pay 140 euros for a dinner in the company of a patient with covid

13 января 2022, 12:13
Фото: DW
This is done in order to get sick and to avoid the injection.

In Italy, on February 1, a new law comes into force requiring everyone over 50 to be vaccinated. The unvaccinated face fines, a ban on public transport and job loss. The only alternative to vaccination is a recently transferred covid and the presence of antibodies proving this. Convalescence from illness must be recorded in the person's medical record. People unwilling to get vaccinated are taking drastic measures to avoid both vaccinations and reprisals, TheDailyBeast reported.

Anti-vaxxers are looking for sick people and suggest that they meet in order to pick up an infection. “I am urgently looking for a “positive” person, ready to pay”, - the police regularly find such ads on the Internet. The covid party, which was unveiled in Tuscany after one such announcement, involved a dinner with truffles and Barolo wine in the company of a covid patient. For a healthy person, participation cost 140 euros.

Speaking on Italian TV, an expert on infectious diseases, Pierre Luigi Lopalko, said that such parties are illegal, and those involved are subject to arrest. “The logic here is the same as in Russian roulette. For a person who has not had covid disease and has not been vaccinated, exposure to the virus can mean both a mild form of the disease and resuscitation. It's all about genetics. It is impossible to predict the result in advance".

Covid parties in Italy were held even before the law was passed. So, in November, the local press wrote that one person died, and several others ended up in intensive care after attending such events.

The new requirement for a green pass is associated with the massive return of Italians to work and school after vacations and an increase in infections. The number of new cases in Italy exceeds 100,000 per day.