Posted 13 января 2022, 09:47

Published 13 января 2022, 09:47

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Iran refused to accept back its illegal "terrorists" from Belarus

13 января 2022, 09:47
Фото: Фото: REUTERS
The Iranian government refused to accept back almost 100 refugees from Belarus, citing the fact that they are terrorists.

A curious situation developed in Belarus after Lukashenko invited illegal migrants to his country to storm the border with the European Union. It turned out that most of the invitees were terrorists. The note of the Iranian Embassy in Belarus, sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country, says in black and white that Iran cannot return to the country 96 migrants who were stuck in Belarus, since these people are involved in extremist or terrorist groups.

So it turns out that the one who shouted "terrorists" the loudest, brought a real terrorist threat to the country. And this is not one or two people, but at least 96.

Network analyst Dmitry Plakhov in this regard also notes this fact:

“By the way, did you notice that the propagandists threw illegal immigrants stuck on the border? More recently, they constantly went to them, filmed them, shed tears of hypocrisy and literally yelled from all their resources that they should be allowed into Europe. Now that Lukashenko has lost the hybrid war unleashed by himself against the West, propagandists have become sharply indifferent to the fate of migrants.

Iran refused to accept terrorists, so they will remain in Belarus. And what will Lukashenko do with them? It is quite possible that OMON (Special Police Force) and GUBOPiK (Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption) will be replenished in the nearest future. Such personnel are needed there..."