Posted 14 января 2022,, 09:50

Published 14 января 2022,, 09:50

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Property of TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky may become the subject of litigation

Property of TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky may become the subject of litigation

14 января 2022, 09:50
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The well-known TV presenter has long been suing his first wife for a jointly acquired apartment.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the famous Russian TV presenter Mikhail Zelensky died suddenly while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and therefore, litigation over the division of joint property - primarily an apartment - which he started back in 2018 with his first wife, skater Yelena Grushina, will end in favor of the latter. They were married for six years and had two children. The controversial apartment was bought in 2013, and a year later divorced. Zelensky decided to sue his share in this apartment, since, he claimed, it was bought with his money.

Grushina believes that since she invested in apartment renovations and household appliances, she and her children should also get a share. She also hired lawyers and filed a counterclaim to recover the 1.2 million rubles she spent on this apartment.

The courts rejected both Zelensky's claim and Grushina's claim, since the former spouses have three years by law to amicably resolve property disputes. And so, when they reached the cassation instance, Zelensky died. Now, according to the law, it is primarily children who inherit property. Although the second wife, Zelensky's widow, psychologist Mila Rubinchik, may also want her share in this apartment.

It's funny that the widow in her popular author's YouTube channel "Procrastinator" undertook to help build a strong family to anyone who wanted, although she herself had already been married, had a child and got divorced.

The popular blogger Ilya Valiyev advises his readers to conclude marriage contracts that will save divorcing spouses from such unpleasant procedures as dividing apartments, summer cottages, household appliances and the like.

Most of all from Zelensky's death, according to the blogger, lawyers who made good money in this process suffered...