Posted 14 января 2022,, 09:43

Published 14 января 2022,, 09:43

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The politics in the country is the same as the experts are

14 января 2022, 09:43
Максим Слепов
The most important problems that the country faces in the Russian media are commented on by ignorant people.

Maxim Slepov, network analyst

Here Anastasia Mironova raised a very important topic. About the level of expertise in the country, both in the public field and in the government.

True, in all our media for years, decades, the same "experts" have appeared. The Mosfilm director and formerly good director Shakhnazarov at Solovyov talks about the vicissitudes of NATO policy. In the same place, in Solovyov's grid, there is a multi-wise expert of a planetary scale Armageddonych (Satanovsky - editor's note), a very significant Jewish guru Kedmi, and a dozen more of the same luminaries.

The ever-screaming no-names on ORT play the role of Ukrainian, American "experts". They are opposed by all sorts of boors who concurrently have the mandates of the State Duma or the titles of directors of some "institutions".

At the other end of the spectrum, no better. On Echo, a whole brood of finger-hitting the sky. Their only advantage is that they are often better educated and brought up. But the level of expertise is still none.

Anastasia complains: no one, no one at all predicted the Georgian events in 2008, the Ukrainian events in 2013-2014, the Donbass in 2014. A new bright touch is Kazakhstan.

Moreover, it is quite obvious that there is a crisis of expertise not only in the media, but also in the government. The Russian government always acts reactively, in line with someone else's initiative. Sometimes quickly, as with the CSTO in Kazakhstan, but sometimes just shameful, as it was with Ukraine.

I'm currently watching a Netflix series called Narco. It's about Pablo Escobar and the Americans who are fighting him. Good show, by the way.

Well, there are scenes from time to time: the American ambassador to Colombia is sitting. And in her office, agents of the DEA, CIA and the military are discussing the next special operation. Who to take, who to pay, what forces to use. It seems to be true: we know perfectly well that the American embassies are acting, not chewing snot.

Can we imagine this if we talk about the Russian embassy in Ukraine during the Chernomyrdin era? Or this, like him, a guilty goat from the Ministry of Labor... But - no! They are sitting there drinking vodka! There is very little real knowledge about the countries where they work!

Again, who does one turn to for comments and predictions on America's issues? NATO?

And who among the experts on China reads at least Chinese? Gabuev, Kashin, who else? A huge neighboring country, extremely important, the future world hegemon. Who even understands what's going on there? Whose opinion can you rely on? In the Russian-speaking environment, you can mainly see Google translations of NATO horror stories about the Gulag in Xinjiang.

You won't get very far with this kind of intelligent service. It is possible to temporarily flood the TV with rabid propaganda in order to quickly concoct some business. But you cannot rely on your illusions for a long time, this will lead to a natural collapse.

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