Posted 17 января 2022,, 16:09

Published 17 января 2022,, 16:09

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Angered by the compulsory vaccination, the workers of the Baltic plant announced the strike

Angered by the compulsory vaccination, the workers of the Baltic plant announced the strike

17 января 2022, 16:09
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At the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg, a strike began in protest against the suspension of employees who do not have QR-codes for vaccination against coronavirus.

According to Fontanka, dozens of workers suspended from work gathered at the plant to protest against the forced vaccination.

How many workers were sent on unpaid leave, the publication does not specify.

As Novaya Gazeta notes, so far "herd immunity has not been achieved" at the plant. If the requirement for vaccination is to ensure that 80% of the staff are vaccinated, then over 1,000 people could be suspended from work in this enterprise.

The workers complained that for people who did not have QR codes, the management simply blocked their entrance passes. The restrictions affected those who have not been vaccinated and have not received a medical exemption.

Initially, the authorities, in an attempt to expand the ranks of those vaccinated, were obliged to vaccinate healthcare workers, education, social security, service and other areas where constant contact with people is necessary. In November last year, the list was expanded to include workers from industrial enterprises. By order of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor, no later than December 15, it is necessary to provide vaccination at the plants with the first component and until January 15 with the second.

In some regions, for example, in Kazan, the authorities extended mandatory QR-codes to public transport, which led to a social explosion. As a result, officials decided to refuse to continue such experiments throughout the country.