Posted 17 января 2022,, 16:14

Published 17 января 2022,, 16:14

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Disabled people are automatically compensated for half of the cost of OSAGO

Disabled people are automatically compensated for half of the cost of OSAGO

17 января 2022, 16:14
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From 2022, people with disabilities in Russia will be able to automatically receive monetary compensation in the amount of 50% of the cost of OSAGO.
Disabled people

The decree on the payment of automatic compensation was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to Interfax, people with disabilities will be entitled to compensation, as well as parents of disabled children who, due to their illness, need a car for medical reasons.

“According to the law, such citizens are returned half the cost of the OSAGO* policy”, - the report says.

But until 2022, the obligation to return the funds lay with the regional authorities. Now payments can be received directly through the Pension Fund.

An application for a refund can be submitted without leaving home, through the Unified Portal of Public Services.

In the near future, the authorities intend to improve the system of social support for citizens in such a way that when applying to officials to resolve a particular issue, people do not have to issue additional certificates.

To do this, the mechanism of interdepartmental interaction is expanding: thanks to the development of digital technologies, departments can receive the necessary documents through their own channels, without the participation of the applicant himself.

Earlier, a service appeared on the State Services for automatic registration of payments for the care of the disabled. Now, in real time, you can apply to the FIU for the appointment of a payment for the care of a disabled citizen.

* - Compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners