Posted 17 января 2022,, 09:32

Published 17 января 2022,, 09:32

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Dolce vita for a poor student: is it worth looking for a sponsor and being a keptie

Dolce vita for a poor student: is it worth looking for a sponsor and being a keptie

17 января 2022, 09:32
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The RostovGazeta correspondent talked to the kept women, their sponsors, came up with several excuses not to go on a "familiar date for 10 thousand rubles" and found out why girls are looking for patrons, and men are ready to pay large sums and make expensive gifts even just for communication.

As a result of the investigation, it turned out that the main place to find a kept woman or a sponsor is, of course, social networks and especially Vkontakte. In Rostov public on the topic, the number of interested people exceeds 7 thousand people. Let's add to them also special dating sites and pimps, of which there are more than a dozen.

“I would like to meet a slender girl who is interested in the format of an open relationship with financial support without interfering with her personal life” (the author’s punctuation is preserved) - the walls of communities for finding kept women are full of such records.

Of course, there are no comrades for taste and color, but most often potential sponsors are looking for slender students aged 18 and older. It is believed that these girls are not only good-looking, but also friendly with their heads, they do not have especially bad habits. And for a close friendship with them, men are willing to pay from 5 to 10 thousand for a meeting with the prospect of joint travel, renting a house for a girl, buying a car and expensive gifts.

For example, on the avatar of Ruslan from Rostov there is a photo of a man driving an expensive car.

“This is not a relationship, but an opportunity to diversify your life, an opportunity that you can buy,” says Ruslan.

“In my understanding, these are more socially pure prostitutes. It all depends on the girl and what she is ready for for the money. You can give a one-time thank you in the amount of 5,000 rubles, or you can meet periodically all the time and indulge in gifts. It's like in the market: one wants to buy cheaper, the other to sell more expensive. But there is a psychological threshold above which negotiations are not relevant , - says Avdeyev.

The man who asked to be identified as Mikhail believes that most of the sponsors are married and looking for diversity. Mikhail himself is not married, but he is also sure that sponsorship is tied to intimacy.

“It’s easier, both at the stage of acquaintance, and later to communicate. After all, ordering food is more convenient than cooking it yourself,” says Mikhail.

The comparison very accurately reflects everything that sponsors are looking for in public acquaintances with kept women: convenience, diversity, respect for personal boundaries.

“At the stage of acquaintance, there is bargaining. Usually, the older the girl, the more content she expects. Although it is amusingly contrary to the logic of nature, where the younger ones are more attractive. Actually, this is why many men write that they are looking for a student”, - says the sponsor.

Ruslan believes that the main difference between sponsorship and ordinary relationships is the absence of obligations. Married men are looking for an easy-going young girl because they are tired of the family routine. For girls, being a kept woman is a kind of profession. They believe that being a kept woman is not the same as being a prostitute.

“Yes, there are girls who do this with everyone in a row, and there are those who carefully choose a man by age, appearance and communication ,” says the girl who asked to call herself Maria.

A nineteen-year-old student of one of the Rostov colleges recently thought about becoming a kept woman.

“Now I want to be helped in my start-up business. At a regular job, where a small salary per month, I will achieve my goals only in 10-15 years. And this is if you save all this money and sit only on buckwheat porridge and water,” - says Maria.

Neither sponsors nor kept women think about constancy and love. About possible problems in the sponsor's family life - also silent. About the future of girls who choose not always a safe way of earning - too.

Psychologists say that a kept woman has a precisely defined zone of opportunities, and her man, sponsor, boss and lover all roll into one. There is a strict set of what can and cannot be done: she must endure control and total dependence on the mood of her patron. The right to manage your time is rather limited, but the duties will have to be performed “on a whistle”. She needs to be there and when ordered, do what they say, speak and be silent as allowed, endure whims, mood swings and specific character traits and at the same time not make any claims. It requires a complete return in everything with a complete lack of reciprocity on his part. And his face on Instagram will always be carefully removed from the frame or disguised as a cartoon face. Most often, this man does not want to advertise the relationship at all. Or his appearance is such that subscribers run the risk of remaining at a loss as to how such dissonance is even possible.

But this is the inner side - little known to anyone. A smart kept woman will never open it to anyone. And the costs in the form of complete obedience and fulfillment of the whims of their patron or slave owner - who cares - more than compensate for a photo in a white swimsuit on a snow-white yacht against the backdrop of an azure sea wave, or in a hotel room with its own pool and beach, or on the embankment of a fashionable resort, in a high fashion boutique. Geotags will turn more than one head - countries, continents, cities ... She will brag and be proud, not for a moment forgetting that all this is actually not hers, all this is in debt, without guarantees, without ownership, a ticket with an open date. And this date will have to be put off with all our might, struggling with uncertainty about the future.

In isolated, unique cases, a kept woman can count on marriage, and the vast majority of girls are under the illusion that they are lucky. Another option for stability (although still without guarantees) is the birth of a child and provision through the fact of motherhood. But most spend their lives in such a way that they try not to think about humiliating details. Although it is enough to read forums, analyze profiles on Instagram or Facebook, or just follow the gossip column for a while to make sure that humiliation follows this beautiful life on the heels. And the most frequent story here is the transition from hand to hand with a steady drop in level. Usually this is accompanied by a monstrous confusion of the girl herself. If she is not distinguished by foresight , then, having descended from heaven to earth, she turns out to be completely defenseless: she is used to a certain lifestyle and spending, she has not learned to count money and plan. Not imagining how to get money from another source, she loses the chance for social adaptation - without a diploma, without a profession and without experience, and without much desire to live independently. The feeling of abandonment and paradoxical cheapness with expensive attributes leads to one of the most uncomfortable and depressing conditions - apathy for life.