Posted 18 января 2022,, 06:18

Published 18 января 2022,, 06:18

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A new stage of tourist cashback has started

A new stage of tourist cashback has started

18 января 2022, 06:18
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On Tuesday, January 18, the next stage of the tourist cashback started in Russia, which will last until April 12. Cashback is paid to the Mir card and is 20% of the tour cost, but does not exceed 20 thousand rubles.

To learn such a return, you can go on a tour to any Russian region from January 18 to April 30, and on cruises - from the beginning of navigation until June 1.

Rostourism indicates that at least half of the tourists took advantage of this program. Thanks to the program, the directions of the Far East, Siberia, the North and the Arctic began to be in demand. Previously, they were inaccessible to many due to the high cost.

- The growth in popularity ranged from 5 to 40% depending on the region, the community said.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Russians managed to buy tours around the country for 34 billion rubles, returns were received for 6.7 billion rubles, the Federal Tourism Agency reported. The cashback program was supposed to end on August 31st. However, the department still had 400 million rubles of the allocated 6.7 billion rubles, which made it possible to extend the program until mid-September.