Posted 18 января 2022,, 07:18

Published 18 января 2022,, 07:18

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Billionaire Igor Rybakov: "In Kazakhstan, I understood what horror and hell are"

Billionaire Igor Rybakov: "In Kazakhstan, I understood what horror and hell are"

18 января 2022, 07:18
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Igor Rybakov and his family flew to Kazakhstan on January 3, 2022 in order to relax during the New Year holidays, and then give a couple of lectures. However, instead, the Russian businessman became a hostage to the riot in Alma-Ata.

After returning from Kazakhstan, he recorded a video on his YouTube channel about the unrest in the republics . In the video, he told how for 9 days he survived with his family and tried to leave the country engulfed in rebellion:

- The absence of the Internet in the modern world did not prevent the militants from coordinating in any way, because later, looking ahead, I will say: there was evidence that they had excellent satellite communications, they perfectly coordinated their actions via walkie-talkies, satellite communications.

The son injured his leg, it was either a sprain or a fracture. We decided to go to the hospital anyway, but the hospitals don’t work, there is no Internet. Therefore, through acquaintances, through my friends, we agreed to go to the head physician of the hospital. At that moment, I realized that this horror and this hell, it is real, because 100 people with stab and gunshot wounds were admitted to this hospital last night.

When we drove around the city after the hospital, I looked around, I thought which doorway someone could get out of and what could happen.

It hurts, it's a shame that Alma-Ata, a city that has always been proud of its friendliness, suddenly plunged into the abyss of civil war, civil outrages.

We are driving around the city, my whole family is sitting in a jeep. And suddenly here is such a case: they take me out of the car, point the machine gun and ask the question: “On what street do you live in Moscow?” To be honest, I forgot what street I live on in Moscow. 10 seconds of pause, and I understand that if I don’t squeeze out what street I live on in Moscow now, then anything can happen. I finally remember, I say: "Leningradsky Prospekt." And he continues: “What metro?” Again I can't remember which subway. I say: “Metro Dynamo”. "Which subway is next?" I say "Airport". He says, "Wrong." I think, well, everyone has sailed ... It all happens at some one moment. He says: "Belarusian". "So it's in the center." In general, at this moment he says: "Go to the car." I walk the car and think: is he going to shoot me in the back?

Money doesn't matter when there's a war. None at all.

Who were these militants with weapons? There are three options here. The first is the crowd that came out to present political or economic demands and acted out of hooliganism. Option two - professional marauders. Here in Kyrgyzstan there was a revolution, there was a lot of looting. And there are, apparently, even already professionals, as some suggest, who trade in this. Accordingly, when these outrages began, these marauders flew into Alma-Ata and began to rob shops and shops. Well, the third option. Fighters from abroad. Tokayev says, 20,000 mercenaries from abroad, who came in large numbers, who were in the morgues in the form of corpses, but they were all stolen. That is, it is impossible to present anything yet. That is, these are some kind of militants... Well, then a reasonable question: if they are militants, then who taught them, who armed them, where did they leak out, where are the traces? And did they suddenly materialize in Alma-Ata these days? Where? There are a lot of rumors, a bunch will turn out to be one-room apartments, where 8 people lived. There were camps there. There are many rumors, rumors that two thousand people gathered at the market and jeeps came and armed them.

So, the third and most important question, of course. Who organized all this? Option one - everything happened by itself, spontaneously. There were some protests, political, economic and so on. Then, of course, there were those who decided to use these spontaneous protests. Nevertheless, this option, the following: no customers, somehow played itself out. Then it kind of flared up.

Option two - the Nazarbayev family, seeing that the foreman of the clan is aging and some kind of not such transits of power may occur, the Nazarbayev family decided to strengthen their power by discrediting President Tokayev and make a so-called coup, because with these riots the existing power of the official President Tokayev would be discredited. And there would be a change in government in the country.

Option three. The existing government, Nazarbayev, Tokayev, his, so to speak, successor, protege, Tokayev as the current president, decided to discredit peaceful political or economic protests by adding marauders, rapists with weapons to show later: look what the protests lead to... Screw it up as follows then the nuts, well, continue to live in the old way. Because the ethics of autocrats is such that they know better how to live right, they know better what is good for the people.

Why does a peaceful city, a peaceful country suddenly flare up like a candle? Apparently, very significant irrelevances have accumulated somewhere, they were held back for a long time, and after a few days they broke through. It doesn’t matter where these irrelevances are: political demands, economic ones, elites, and so on - it doesn’t matter, they broke through, and this slurry of this abomination, dirty tricks, that’s all, it sweeps away everything in its path, and it doesn’t matter who you are : president, billionaire, entrepreneur, teacher, doctor - we all find ourselves in this mess.

X. He also had two big events planned in Kazakhstan: