Posted 18 января 2022, 10:23

Published 18 января 2022, 10:23

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Citizens spent over 64 billion rubles on covid medicines in 2021

18 января 2022, 10:23
Фото: 1MI
Russians spent 16.8 billion rubles on the antiviral drug umifenovir last year, the immunomodulator interferon-alpha-2B - 7.2 billion rubles, the coronavirus treatment favipiravir - 2.9 billion rubles, the antibiotic dexamethasone - 1 billion rubles, methylprednisolone - 0 .8 billion rubles.

Such data follows from the statistics of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CDAT, operator of the digital marking system), they are cited by RIA Novosti.

According to Revaz Yusupov, deputy head of the CDAT, Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region - 5 billion rubles each, Kuban - 3 billion rudders - mostly "pharmacy" spending.

In total, 144 million packages of the drug were sold in the country during this time.

Earlier, Novye Izvestia talked about how much Russian regions are spending on fighting the coronavirus.