Posted 18 января 2022,, 13:16

Published 18 января 2022,, 13:16

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“Everything that is acquired by overwork!” Nazarbayevs complain that Tokayev is ruining them

“Everything that is acquired by overwork!” Nazarbayevs complain that Tokayev is ruining them

18 января 2022, 13:16
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The division of the property of the former Kazakh leader is in full swing, but some experts believe that the whole struggle between the clans is ahead.

The situation in Kazakhstan is already developing according to the scenario familiar to the post-Soviet space: the so-called revolution has led to a simple redistribution of property. And first of all, they divide the capitals and property of the clans loyal to Nazarbayev and the Nazarbayev family itself. Relatives of Elbasy have already been fired or have quit their bread posts, and his youngest daughter complains that the new bai - Tokayev wants to ruin them:

Meanwhile, the influential English newspaper The Guardian tried to find again the person who for so long personified Kazakhstan and suddenly disappeared:

“Some say that he is hiding on the shores of Lake Geneva. Others suspect he fled to Dubai. Some conspirators whisper that he might be dead. However, according to a number of sources, he remains in Kazakhstan, probably in the capital, Nur-Sultan, the city that bears his name.

“According to information from a number of sources, Nazarbayev is alive today and there are furious negotiations with Tokayev about the redistribution of assets, trophies and rent,” said a former Western government official who is well connected in Kazakhstan.

Tokayev, once a loyalist, used repression to remove his former benefactor and members of the Nazarbayev family from power, some of whom are accused of using the country's protest mood to oust Tokayev and seize power.

“The power struggle continues. There is no guarantee that everything will end smoothly," the newspaper's experts say.

However, Elbasy did appear on the air, speaking an appeal to the people of Kazakhstan. In particular, he said that the pensioner is on a well-deserved rest in the capital of Kazakhstan, although he did not name this city by name. His appeal did not add any clarity to the situation.

Russian journalist Vasily Alenin compared the situation in Kazakhstan with Russia 30 years ago:

“In Russia, August 1991 was for “assets, natural resources and rent” to migrate into the hands of those who can’t create anything, can only receive and consume?

Perhaps our main problem is that we, as a people, have lost the dream of creating a more just world for the majority.

And it is also that for the peoples of the former USSR, there is still a common task - to leave the post-Soviet world with beys, leaders, dictators and, acting together, hand in hand, create in their countries modern systems of life based on human rights and high standard of living.

There is none of this. Bai divide resources, and in other parts of the former large country, the creak of tightened screws is heard. Fear, like frost, fettered the peoples..."

By the way, a curious fact that will certainly be of interest to those who want to profit from the division of Nazarbayev’s property: the legendary London house at 221b Baker Street, the very one where the great detective Sherlock Holmes “lived”, also belongs to the Elbasy family…